Both completely different franchises, but with an unmistakable cliché: Tom Cruise. Christopher McQuarrie, director mission impossible 7, who will hit theaters soon, not without controversy at IMAX, believes he’s got a bombing attack of biblical proportions on his hands. Basically, the director claims that he strives to surpass YouOp Gun: Maverick at the box office, something not easy.

Top Gun: Maverick was not only a critical and public success, but also grossed an impressive $1.493 billion. A classic action movie whose main asset is Tom Cruise. The good news is that mission impossible 7 It also features an actor in the title role. And with a much more spectacular cast.

In addition, of course, to the fact that this is the last part of the franchise, which has reaped the success of the premiere after the premiere. However, Christopher McQuarrie believes that the tape has additional reasons. overcome the nearly $1,500 million barrierWith. Something complicated, by the way. Very difficult. How many? The previous part of “Mission Impossible” collected half as much as “Top Gun”. about 787 million at the premiere in 2018.

This time Mission: Impossible 7 plays against everything

Although the ratings for the next film are very rosy, mission impossible 7 it won’t open alone. Yes, this is one of the most anticipated games of the summer, coming out in the first half of July, but it will happen almost simultaneously with the two most important releases of the year: Barbie And Oppenheimer. Two very different films from what he offers Mission impossible, and two long-awaited premieres of the summer, which will compete in the audience. And especially with the leisure that the average user spends on going to the movies.

It also has to do with the IMAX opening problem that Christopher Nolan’s new films are taking on board and that Tom Cruise himself has complained about. This means mission impossible 7 IMAX theaters will be much less in which you can see the film, again, one of the most interesting attractions of Cruise’s action films.

Anyway, mission impossible 7 It plays a lot against it: two very competitive releases in one window, limited availability in IMAX theaters, and a milestone in literally doubling the box office of its previous installment. Indeed, it seems like a mission impossible that we’ll only see if Ethan Hunt can pull it off.

Source: Hiper Textual

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