First five episodes of the third season Witcher, from Netflix, do not hide the dramatic changes in the series. This is a farewell, the end of an era in the mythology of production. Therefore, every word and action, even frequent trips Geralt of Rivia – in the last performance of Henry Cavill – have a symbolic meaning. The monster hunter who started his journey as a hostile adventurer must now face responsibility ciri (Freya Allan).

Something that complicates the various scenarios – magical and human – and turns the princess into a point of tension in an increasingly confusing panorama. As you know, the appearance Volet Meir, the Immortal Mother, has shaken up the fundamentals of the continent’s political landscape. not only forced Francesca of the elves (Messiah Simson) to make a decision that distorted the intention of the eventual revival of his race. This also caused Edge of Nilfgaard (Mimi Ndiven) and Yennefer of Vengerberg (Anya Chalotra) will make decisions out of desperation.

The mysterious fate of ciri becomes more violent than ever in new chapters Witcher. Especially when White flame of Nilfgaard actually his father Danny (Bart Edwards), which makes the girl the center of future intrigues. Geralt He has only one way: to protect the princess even at the cost of his life. Fight all sorts of enemies – there are dozens of them in the third season and they are better presented than in previous ones – and figure out a complex idea. That every step of his life led him on a journey that now makes him a dividing line ciri of death.

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The first chapters of the third season of The Witcher on Netflix are focused on closing the unfinished business of the previous season. From the origin of the power of Ciri (Freya Allan) to how the political map of the continent changed. The result focuses on Geralt de Rivia’s (Henry Cavill) relationship with his spiritual daughter and his new goal to protect her. The series improves on its rhythm, with a tone closer to the book from which some of its arguments come from. This gives more content and order to the story. Thanks to a much more complex technical part, it significantly improves its history and identity. The Witcher is no longer just a series and has more of a personality.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Difficult character to understand

This fact changes the way Geralt he still perceived himself. Away from his primary purpose as a mercenary and closer to a father figure, his decisions have a new purpose. Give the young woman the opportunity to nurture, nurture, and strengthen her fledgling gifts and prepare her for her future goal. ciri, who has so far been trained by magicians, needs a different orientation. Now begins a long journey that will allow her to understand the man who accompanies her – a mystery to her – and the strange history that unites them.

Geralt of Rivia in the third season of The Witcher

It seems that, Witcher prepares an order for a major event. Henry Cavill’s performance has never been more vivid and closer to introspection. Apart from the poor dialogue of the first seasons, the third season gives the character more space and allows him to grow. Not only because of the display of his abilities – there are many more elaborate action scenes – but also because of his political intuition. The sorcerer, represented by a twilight figure midway between the mercenary and the sage, now shows his dimension.

emotional father ciri and knowing about the persecution of all those who want to kill her, Geralt You must understand that your commitment to the Law of Surprise goes beyond ancient magic. It is also the verdict of the place where he is led by the mysteries of his life, in which everything is about to change forever.

Witcher return to starting position

In fact, one of the most unique moments of the third season Witcher This is an obvious change in his way of telling the story. Which, at times, makes it feel like the series is subtly ignoring everything that came before. Not because it doesn’t matter, but because he has to go through a path that will take him to different points than in the previous parts. The production was widely criticized for being aimless, for jumping erratically from one adventure to the next. In this case, he takes the central story and adds an element that is already present in the books: a sense of predestination and a perception of the inevitable.

An element of great interest in an extremely complex universe. The Great Conflict, which will be told in the third season Witcher It is directly related to fate. From the intention of the elves to restore their place in the world to the redistribution of power on the continent. Everything goes through the concept of evolution, which focuses on the ability of the main characters to find a home.

A series that shows its maturity

This may seem simple until it is connected to the notions of security, faith and love that the writer Andrzej Sapkowski includes in his world. On the continent, everything is connected with inland landscapes. With fear, hope, or lack of both. So, in the third season Witcherthe idea of ​​chaos magic and its connection with emotions is more relevant than ever.

Either with ciri showing his strength or Geralt more aware that he must teach before he kills. Even in the concentrated and clear expression of knowledge Yennefer much more mature. Witcher the perfection of rhythm, its complex conception of the passage of time and the struggle for an ideal.

ciri And Geralt they must finally face the dilemma of crossing conflicting territories. Fight enemies that lie in wait for them in all places and in dozens of different forms. Geralt, more imposing, but at the same time more human than at any other moment in history, shows the dimensions of his spiritual world. A sorcerer is not a man who has lost his horse or killed one of his friends. The change comes from an invisible space in his spirit, connected to a young woman who is now an integral element of his journey to the end.

The last mission of Witcher

Much of the third season explores an element that ties him directly to the book. elven blood. This greatly improves the sense of order and coherence of the story. At the same time, he places more weight on his characters’ decisions after the two parts, which tended to be a certain mess.

Geralt must put ciri in hand Yennefer for your learning. The princess has ancient blood, making her the embodiment of a prophecy that is destined to come true. After the murder Francesca to the children of Redania the whole Continent is burning in a declared war. The young woman may or may not be the answer to the various factions’ search for an element that unites them.

Signs of goodbye

A series of events are triggered immediately. The sorceress of Vengerberg, lonely and empty, will find in ciri way to soothe your pain. Although it feeds your doubts about the future. Where should loyalty be? Yennefer? With witches? With the center of power on the continent? In the love that you feel Geralt?

In the fifth chapter, it becomes clear that the third season is trying to stir up tension in the remaining three episodes. The Wizard has just received a threat, also a prediction. What awaits you one day ciri stop being a part of your story or should you give it up?

Series Witcher shows a new quality that makes the finale of its third season essential to understanding its purpose. What do you want to uncover in this tangled dispute, which now aims to resolve its unresolved issues? Death and resurrection Geralt seem inevitable, but not something that could happen. Which makes the wait for the end of the season an event of special interest in the universe of the series.

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