Star Wars Celebration 2022 It all started with a bombshell ad related to the Disney Plus series. Third season The Mandalorian and debut Ahsoka slated for 2023 and Jude Law and Jon Watts are working on an original series called Star Wars: Skeleton Team. One of the notable ones missing was Taika Waititi’s film, which has no details or release date.

Fearing that the project went into the freezer along with Rogue Squadron, Patty Jenkins, Lucasfilm came out to put everyone at ease. Kathleen Kennedy, head of the study, said in an interview TotalFilm what Taika Waititi’s Star Wars movie is still running and could hit theaters at the end of 2023..

Kennedy confirmed that the director’s tape Thor: Love and Thunder This will be the next Star Wars movie to hit the big screen. The release date is scheduled for the end of 2023., although the head of Lucasfilm said it wasn’t set in stone. The project was announced during May 4th 2020, where we learned that Taika Waititi will direct and co-write the film with Christy Wilson-Cairns..

Although the film was teased again during Investor Day 2020, it wasn’t until August 2021 that we learned that Taika Waititi would be turning her attention to Star Wars. After filming ended Thor: Love and Thunderdirector instructed wired that he already has a story, and he will try to imprint his personality on it.

Film about star Wars Taika Waititi will be true to his style

IG-11, an assassin drone embodied by Taika Waititi in The Mandalorian.

Taika Waititi’s Star Wars film. will match the style what the director taught us. “In my films, I usually walk down this little alley of sincerity. I like to deceive the viewer by making them think, “Ha, this is it,” and then say, “Damn, you made me feel something!” Interview.

waititi has a close relationship with Star Wars and for a time, he stated his interest in making a film based on the franchise. The director brought to life the IG-11, the drone sent to kill Baby Yoda in the show’s first season. The Mandalorian. After being reprogrammed by Kuiil, IG-11 changes his priorities and becomes a stalwart protector of Grog. “He is very innocent and straightforward. He does not know sarcasm and does not know how to lie. He’s like a kid with a gun,” Taika Waititi said of his character.

The return of Star Wars to the big screen will occur after a forced rest. After disappointment in Episode 9: The Rise of Skywalkerand box office fiasco Han Solo: Star Wars. StoriesDisney and Lucasfilm are targeting original series for Disney Plus.

“When we leave the saga [Skywalker], we have all this wonderful and exciting TV work that says a lot about where we’re going. We want to be very deliberate about it,” said Kathleen Kennedy.

Creating a new saga takes time, notes the director of Lucasfilm, assuring that don’t hesitate to explore more than just Skywalker history.

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