In our criticism mission impossible 7 we told how we liked it. And we are not alone, according to the aggregator rotten tomatoes, the approval rate of 115 reviews is 98%. Within this framework and a week after the release of the screens Tom Cruise Through his Twitter profile, he shared a video showing one of the production’s most impressive scenes being filmed.

There may not be another actor quite like Tom Cruise today when it comes to stunts. The translator takes care of most of them, preparing for months for the specific sections of the films in which he works. In this sense, mission impossible 7 this was no exception.

As part of the film’s promotional strategy, there’s been talk for a while now of mainly two scenes. In the first, the actor jumps into the void from a motorcycle. The second shows him fighting on a train that is moving at high speed. About this latest video sequence shared by Tom Cruise.

Behind the scenes of one of the most dangerous scenes mission impossible 7

At the beginning of May of this year, the first image of this sequence was published. You could already see Tom Cruise in it Esai Morales, the main characters of the scene, facing each other. At the time, promotion could be understood as a declaration of principles: mission impossible 7 no resources were going to be spared to excite the viewer.

Now in the new video, Cruz and Morales are again the main characters, along with the testimony of the director mission impossible 7, Christopher McQuarrie. The director explained the scene as follows: “We wanted to take that train scene to the next level. (…) We had to build it if we wanted to destroy it. The recording was extremely difficult. (…) Virtually no one in the world does anything like this.”

In the video, Tom Cruise and the rest of the crew can be seen wearing masks. mission impossible 7 this was recorded during the COVID-19 pandemic. It also tells how the destruction of the train happened. Multiple cameras were required to create the sequence in order to provide greater fidelity to the final composition.

In addition to the above, the video ends with the director’s comment: “Everything that can be seen in this spectacular sequence on the train is done to draw viewers’ attention to the characters.” This is in line with an idea that Tom Cruise has had for some time that he insists that productions must have the necessary resources and ideas to generate a unique cinematic experience.

Taking into account the successes, the first reactions and informative content like this video, it becomes obvious that mission impossible 7 It’s an accurate reflection of that intent of Tom Cruise. This installment of the saga will be presented in two parts. The first one opens on July 13, 2023 in theaters around the world.

Source: Hiper Textual

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