Kirill Sitnov, a teacher at the Moscow School of Programmers, said that prolonged exposure of a smartphone to direct sunlight can damage the device’s battery and cause its screen and camera to burn out.

The expert warns that the camera matrix may burn out or the pixels on the OLED screen may burn out if you leave the device in the sun.

Prolonged stay of the gadget on an open surface under the sun’s rays can cause an increase in the temperature of the smartphone, which will adversely affect its condition.

Sitnov noted that the higher the battery temperature, the faster it depletes. This, in turn, leads to faster self-discharge of the smartphone, as well as faster wear of the electrodes in the battery.

The expert warned about the launch of mobile games in the heat. This heats the phone even more, as does the maximum brightness of the screen.

You should also avoid charging your smartphone with external batteries in the heat, advises the expert. Overheating threatens not only the smartphone battery, but also the power bank, which may explode.

Source: Ferra

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