At some point in the history of cinema Return to the future It could have been a Disney-designed production, not Universal Pictures, as it eventually did. When this story was just a script Robert Zemeckis And Bob Gale They started knocking on the doors of different studios. None of them found the idea of ​​time travel appealing, a plot in which the characters risked crossing over with other versions of themselves and changing events.

The previous description is currently one of the trends in the film industry. The most powerful franchise in terms of economic revenue and under the control of Disney, the Marvel Cinematic Universe revolves around the idea of ​​exploring different dimensions and times. Why Return to the future not interested in the studio at the time?

In accordance with ColliderIn the early 1980s, screenwriters Robert Zemeckis and Bob Gale stumbled upon an executive who said, “Are you out of your mind? We can’t make a movie like this. You have a boy and a mother in their car! This is incest, this is Disney. It’s too dirty for us!“.

The manager’s reaction, when viewed from a perspective, suggests that he did not fully understand the production concept. Return to the future It was not a tape in which sexual relations or sentimental relationships were crudely or openly recreated.

On the contrary, one of the premises most insisted on throughout the saga was how dangerous it could be to change an event. The result of that meeting is known. Disney did not take on the project. Robert Zemeckis and Bob Gale continued to look for funding options for their proposal and found Universal Pictures.

Return to the future: movie classic

Also called Back to the Future In Latin America, the first part of the science fiction trilogy was released in 1985 under the direction of Robert Zemeckis. This tape was followed by two more, presented in 1989 and 1990, respectively. Through them, Christopher Lloydas scientist Emmett Brown, and Michael J Foxembodying a young Marty McFly has become two of the most memorable and beloved characters in modern film history.

plot Return to the future based on Marty McFly and the time travel he and Emmett Brow make in a DeLorean, a car modified to become a machine that can open different time realities. Both figures are forced to confront parts of their past and future. Thus, they have to face moral and personal decisions at different stages of their lives. Depending on your actions, this or that historical moment may be compromised.

The three films were estimated to have grossed around $950 million at the box office. This time is very different from the current one in terms of consumer habits and commercial strategies. But the value of the trilogy Return to the future This is outside the scope of this aspect. With its story, its characters, and its comic tone, it was a saga that marked generations who grew up with these figures and now, for example, keep a copy of a DeLorean at home or joke with one of the most characteristic lines of those productions: “You’re a chicken, McFly.”

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