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These will be commercials on Netflix.


Netflix closes the circle to return to the starting point: television with advertising from which he promised to free us ten years ago.

Having lost subscribers for the first time in 10 years, company managers panicked, so they announced drastic measures: closing public accounts and new cheaper board with ads. Both things should happen at the end of the year.

Netflix will act as a guinea pig in preventing account sharing, and if all goes well, others will surely join in. However, when declaring new cheaper board with adsthe rest signed up, including Disney+.

What will be the ads we see on Netflix and Disney + in these cheap subscriptions? How long will they last?

A few days ago, information about the Disney+ strategy was leaked online. According to inside sources, he intends to broadcast about 4 minutes of commercials per hour, reducing it in youth programs and eliminating it in children’s programs. These ads will be habitual, they will not accept ads for tobacco, alcohol or sexual innuendo.

And what will be the advertising on Netflix? The Business Insider website has reached out to internal Netflix sources with knowledge on the matter. According to those sources, Netflix has told advertising executives that it intends to use ads at the beginning and end of the video, but do not interrupt the content.

Pre-rolls are those that air before a chapter or movie, and post-rolls are when they end. Namely, Netflix will show ads before and after watching content, but not in between.

Other sources cited by Business Insider indicate that Netflix wants to show fewer ads than Hulu and HBO Max, two platforms that already have ad support quotas in the United States.

These fees include 5 to 12 minutes of advertising for every hour of viewing, so everything points to Netflix will air ads at the same percentage as Disney+, about 4 minutes for every hour of broadcast.

In addition, the company plans to use sponsors and more product placement, that is, insert more advertising objects into its series and films as part of the decor. For example, something he already does in Stranger Things.

According to Business Insider, Netflix thinks a lot about what type of ads it’s going to run, in what format, and how to embed them. You hold meetings at the highest level in the advertising industry, and even launches surveys among advertisersto learn how you can improve your streaming advertising.

As for the price, we don’t know anything yet, but the estimates are as follows. this tariff with advertising is about 5 euros.

If all goes according to plan, the end of shared passwords and cheaper ad-supported plans will come at the end of the year.

Source: Computer Hoy

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