Although it seems like a strange idea, Marvel is so much more than the superheroes you know.. And in fact, there are a few stories from the publisher that made it to the cinema with nothing to do with its already iconic cinematic universe. Some of them are plot experiments that managed to become minor hits. Another, in great curiosities, indirectly connected with the publisher. Be that as it may, Marvel’s unknown projects are part of a curious film history based on film adaptations.

Especially with a lot of arguments, characters and places to review the most curious editorials. From intriguing mysteries, a new generation of young heroes to international spies. The sagas associated with a publisher you may not have known about are deeper and more interesting than you can imagine. Particularly because they make it clear that the Marvel Universe may be richer and more resourceful than just a large group of invincible heroes.

we leave you 3 Marvel sagas you might not know about. Two in full length and one that was an announcement for what could be a franchise of great interest. After all, it looks like Marvel has more surprises up its sleeve than you might think. Something that is always pleasant for lovers of the red bone and even for those who are just starting to dive into the world of publishing.


In 1990, at the height of the search for evidence of extraterrestrial life in our world, conspiracy theories took the form of a comic book. Created by Lowell Cunningham and illustrator Sandy Carruthers, MIB has taken the collective fear of vigilantes of the unexplained and turned it into an extraordinary comic. In addition, he created a complex and well-crafted journey through social criticism and the connection between mystery and popular culture.

In six black and white figures, the story follows the adventures of two agents, much like J and K from the films. And although the satirical and cruel tone was very different from the cinematic one, there was a common feature between them. Both of them analyzed the pop mythology associated with inexplicable events and extravagant events from the same point of view. The comic has spent quite a bit of time breaking up urban legends and turning them into brilliant storylines. Something that has undoubtedly propelled the movie series to the big screen.

The comic was originally published by Aircel Comics, which was later bought by Malibu Comics and is now owned by Marvel Comics. The change in rights holders made it difficult to tell the story more compactly in film. But, in the end, his quirky, mysterious and slightly creepy look became the hallmark of films. As much as it was for a comic at the time.

royal trilogy

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The comic book series about a group of posh spies debuted in 2012 with the first graphic novel published by Marvel Icon Comics. The first Kingsman release was followed by two sequels, The Big Exit (2017) and Red Diamond (2018). And just like its movie version, it tells the adventures of the most unusual group of secret agents in pop culture.

Known for his expanded universe and elegant depiction of violence, Millar has created an extraordinary story on paper. The Matthew Vaughn trilogy retained the tone and identity of the comic. Spying Millar with an eccentric sense of action became Kingsman: The Secret Service in 2014. Its immediate sequel, Kingsman: The Golden Circle was released in 2017 to mixed reviews and less impact than its predecessor. Finally, the prequel The King’s Man: Origins hit theaters in 2021 without much critical or box office impact.

Kick Duology

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Also written by Millar and originally published by Icon Comics. It’s the eccentricity of the plot who worked well in the movies. The story of a teenage comic book fan who accidentally becomes a hero was an unexpected cinematic success in 2010.

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Ironically, the Marvel movie was directed by newcomer Matthew Vaughn. The filmmaker managed to combine the most recognizable elements of the comic into a curious and powerful take on violence, fear and humor. The film has gained a cult following due to a certain kind of storytelling that goes beyond big-budget and impressive heroic narratives. Especially after the recent success of Iron Man in 2008. The film was followed by a less than successful sequel in 2013, also based on the comic and directed by Jeff Wadlow.

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