The first film inspired by real historical events was a short Exit of the Lumiere factory in Lyon. Director Louis Lumière, only 46 seconds long, premiered in 1895 and shows an everyday street scene. There is no greater depth to the story, or even a story to be told. But the experiment demonstrated that reality can be conveyed through celluloid.

Something that would later become the basis for a genre of cinema that is very popular today. Films based on real events and real people strive to artistically convey the essence of what they tell. Either in an instructive way, or to give the fact new dimensions. This genre seeks to convey valuable messages to the public, while showing a new perspective on events of collective significance. Their arguments can inspire, educate, and provoke discussion about circumstances that teach the world lessons.

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For this reason, we leave you with five recommendations of films inspired by real events that you can watch right now on Star+. A collection that ranges from the horrifying experience of a mountaineer to life in the ranks of the North American militia. A small example of the strength of the genre, which still has weight and power in the seventh art.

127 hours

YouTube video

Inspired by true events, Danny Boyle’s film focuses on the power of the human will in critical situations. Based on the story of Aron Ralston, an American mountaineer and adventurer, it also provides a brutal take on a macabre and unpredictable accident. just like the book Between the hammer and the anvil which it adapts, tells a biographical survival story about how its protagonist was locked up in a remote canyon in Utah for five days.

The plot narrates with a subjective camera and a script with almost no dialogue about the journey aron (James Franco) for Blue John Canyon in 2003. During the adventure, the character falls into a crevice, and a loose stone knocks off his right arm. The director focuses on the dilemma of making increasingly complex decisions under extreme conditions. Which turns the film into a very tough reflection on survival instinct and fear.

The screenplay of this film, based on a true story, focuses on internal struggles. aron as he faces despair, loneliness and the possibility of imminent death. With a painful end, he shows a somewhat strange version of the spirit of a man subject to the cruelty of the case.

oceans of firefilm based on an incredible true story

YouTube video

This action-adventure is based on life Frank Hopkins, a legendary rider and messenger over long distances. Directed by Joe Johnston, its plot takes place in the early 20th century and follows Frank (Viggo Mortensen) testing his skills. Take part in a dangerous long-distance race known as oceans of fire. An extreme test that takes place in the Arabian desert and only a few managed to complete it alive.

Frank and his horse face numerous physical challenges while participating in the event. Rough terrain violence, hostile tribes and ruthless rivals. However, little by little, the protagonist begins to understand the Arab culture in the course of a tense struggle with his own inner demons.

In its last installment, this film, inspired by real events, forgoes the intensity of the competition events in favor of a moral insight. And yet the story of a man who unexpectedly gains spiritual enlightenment manages to captivate.


YouTube video

Based on a true story and released in 2013, this film, directed by Rob Epstein and Jeffrey Friedman, focuses on the life of Linda Lovelace. Actress famous for her role in a porn movie Deep Throatthe moment of his greatest fame and the cause of his subsequent fall from grace.

Screenplay by Andy Bellin respectfully explores life Beautiful (Amanda Seyfried), avoiding exaggeration or cruel exploitation of her image. The story follows his teenage years before his involvement in the adult film industry and subsequent struggle to be freed from this world. Something he never achieved.

In addition, he shows behind the scenes of the movie that made her famous. A cultural and commercial phenomenon in the 1970s, her career as an actress was marked by this role. Whereby, Beautiful he became a controversial figure and a symbol of the dark side of American entertainment.

12 years of slaveryunusual film inspired by real events

YouTube video

A feature film by Steve McQueen based on the experience of Solomon Northup, later edited by David Wilson, is a brutal take on slavery. Like the book she’s adapting, it tells the story of how a free black man was kidnapped and sold into slavery in 1853.

Solomon (Chiwetel Ejiofor) leads a peaceful life as a violinist in New York. However, he is tricked and kidnapped to be taken to the southern United States. Throughout the story, the character will have to face the reality of what is happening in a country divided by laws and racism.

Considered a gritty recreation of the brutality of a controversial historical period, this film is inspired by real events and depicts the physical and emotional abuse endured by the victims. As well as the degradation and injustice of the violent system they were subjected to. Gradually, he reflects on the value of freedom, the search for justice and equality in a history as cruel as it is painful.

Man of honor

YouTube video

Biopic directed by George Tillman Jr. is based on the story Carl Brashear, the first African American diver in the US Navy. In addition, it provides an accurate analysis of social and cultural inequalities in the military world.

The plot of this film, inspired by real events, tells about the life Charles (Cuba Gooding Jr.) from childhood in a rural community in Kentucky to join the Navy. Despite racial discrimination, the character strives to achieve his goal of becoming a diver. A position reserved for white males due to its specialization and required investment of resources.

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The feature film uses its protagonist’s relentless struggle as a backdrop to reflect on issues such as racism, self-improvement, perseverance, and equal opportunity. After all, Karl’s triumph is also the triumph of a generation that had to overcome prejudice in order to achieve its goals.

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