Ahsoka this is the latest Star Wars content that Disney+ added to your directory. Dave Filoni’s series delves into the well-known universe imagined by George Lucas with new characters and settings, as well as innovating various concepts. This makes this event very special for fans of the franchise. This is the first story in the saga to feature more than one galaxy, and the only (so far) story to feature an alien in the title role.

star Wars is a pioneer of technical and storytelling innovation on both the big and small screens. For over forty years, and thanks to an ever-expanding universe, the saga has managed to keep the interest of its followers. Over the past decade, the studio has worked with Disney to reimagine their material for a younger generation. The resurgence of characters and stories, captured in several Star Wars specials showing the growth of the franchise.

We leave you with five of the best Star Wars specials you can find right now at Disney+ so you can explore the franchise. Some focus on demonstrating the practical and digital effects of the company George Lucas, others dig into their interesting references. The deepest secrets about the generational saga and its vast future legacy.

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Light and Magic: Not Far Away Dream

YouTube video

George Lucas was a twenty-four-year-old young man when he began dreaming of what would become one of the most successful film franchises. But his goal has always been entertainment. What the director and producer explains in the Star Wars special. Light and Magic: Not Far Away Dream. Something that made him want to work in the special effects department and also look for new ways to tell stories on the big screen.

This docu-series by Lawrence Kasdan shows how Lucas brought his ambitious projects to fruition. This included rewriting the script for more than a hundred pages, working out sketches of their characters’ appearance. In 1976, a year before the premiere Star Wars. Episode IV – A New Hope, the director already knew that his ideas would not be limited to the film. Your imaginary world can be expanded through various media. A decision that will change the film industry forever.

The six episodes of this Star Wars content discuss the importance of the director’s efforts to revolutionize genre cinema. At the same time, research development Lucasfilm until he became a pioneer in digital and sound effects and a breeding ground for new talent. This is a tribute to the franchise and its creative creator.

Star Wars: A Walk in Space

Comprising two chapters of less than ten minutes, this Star Wars special is perfect for die-hard fans of the franchise as it focuses on one of its most iconic aspects. Known for its meticulous crafting of ships, weapons, and planets, Star Wars was a milestone in the creation of fantasy universes.

Moreover, it opened up the possibility that the exploration of new space worlds could become a mainstream phenomenon in popular culture. The subject that Star Wars: A Walk in Space explore deeper.

The series includes recreations of flights across the galaxy, the famous hyperspace jump, and technical details of the vehicles featured in it. The first episode of this Star Wars special will take you to the Millennium Falcon, Han Solo’s (Harrison Ford) most prized possession. The second, five minutes later, shows the Star Destroyer, one of the emblems of the Empire’s might.

Star Wars: Galaxy of Sounds

YouTube video

Did you know that the familiar hum of a lightsaber is created by shooting air currents through tubes at metal blades? Special Star Wars: Galaxy of Sounds talks about this and many other curiosities associated with the acoustic aspect of the saga. In particular, all the innovations, including the original soundtrack and music, that the films of the saga brought to cinemas.

The seven episodes show what the process was like to create sounds that were different from anything that existed at the time. From the voices of various creatures (some of them without mouths) to the engines of spaceships of various sizes.

In addition, the production also explores how LucasFilm developed sound and chord remastering systems that ushered in a new era. Exclusive compositions of characters and scenes, a world-famous soundtrack… Star Wars has managed to make its mark on the world of music. A legacy that this docu-series rescues and celebrates.

Lego Star Wars: Horrific Tales

YouTube video

The diverse collaboration between Lego and the franchise is a breath of fresh air. Especially when they manage to combine several of the elements that made Star Wars famous in a special, new and exciting way. As in this case, when several references to horror films are included in famous space narratives.

The performance tells about a journey through a dangerous planet. Mustafarrefuge Darth Vader. Poe Dameron (voiced by Jake Green) and BB-8 crash-land on a barren, desolate surface and are forced to seek help. Halfway through the tour, they find themselves in front of the gates of the Sith Lord’s castle. Where they discover that the dark side can manifest itself in many ways.

Filled with references to the original saga and animated canon, this Star Wars content is a real treat for fans of the franchise and curiosity seekers. One of its greatest qualities is that the script reflects the sense of humor inherent in all Lego products.

Dream Empire

YouTube video

George Lucas started writing about characters from a galaxy far, far away even before he knew he would be making a movie based on what he envisioned. This two-and-a-half-hour Star Wars special chronicles the franchise’s long journey to global success.

From the director’s first attempts to convince producers to finance his project, to the triumph of the film that started the saga. Empire of Dreams: The Story of the Star Wars Trilogy shows how Lucas’ will overcame all sorts of obstacles. At a time when the fantasy and sci-fi genre was considered marginal and there was little investment, he managed to find funding. With his help, he used creativity and technological innovation to turn the first Star Wars trilogy into a historic event in the film world.

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This feature film is a tribute to the magic of a multi-generational saga that can continue to enchant after more than forty years on the big screen. The universe is in full development, which goes from cinema to literature and now reaches streaming excite and move with the same force.

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