One of the most controversial parts of the now established John Wick franchise is the third Parabellum. Despite the fact that the film was a success not only with critics and audiences, Keo Reeves and his director were not very happy with the ending. And this despite the fact that we already have the fourth part, at the beginning John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum This was to end the franchise.

For this reason, the actor and director considered the end of the third part of the film “a disappointment for everyone.” Like other times, it was on a podcast Happy Sad Confusedin which the director of the film Chad Stahelski admitted that after the premiere of the third part of John Wick, he met with Keanu and together they arrived to the same conclusion: End parabellum it was a disappointment for the audience.

It is for this reason that they wanted to make John Wick: Chapter 4feeling that they disappointed the audience with the ending John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum.

Although it was planned that the third part would be the last, the ending of the third part directly indicates that there will be a sequel. And given the critical and commercial success of the film, it seemed that a continuation was more than guaranteedbut nothing outside of reality. In fact, it would be a real shame to leave the end of the franchise to an end. John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum. However, the commercial success and the fact that both the actor and the director agreed to give Wick a better ending led us to make a fourth film:

“We shot the third film and really finished. We think, “We’re done.” And again, a year later, Keanu and I feel like at the end of the third part, we kind of let everyone down. “I think it was well received, but people really like John and they’re like, ‘What the hell?’ You know, it was a cool ending. But hey, what the hell? Huge mythology that you haven’t really explored. And we started talking more and more, and we felt like we couldn’t bring everything we had on the table to light.

Will we see a fifth part with Keanu Reeves?

In the same podcast, the director wanted to make a decision on the matter, despite the fact that the ending of the fourth film does make the character’s fate clear.

“Yes, Keanu and I talked. Keanu, if you were to ask him right now, “Would you do John Wick 5?” he would say, “Hell yes.” But then he’ll say, “Well, I have no idea.” That’s all. Believe me. It’s not like, “Let’s clear this up today.” (…) If I was driving or walking the dog and I had a good idea, in 30 seconds I would be on the phone with Keanu and we would be writing riffs.”

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