The initiative was launched by Russian President Vladimir Putin. The first test site will be held in the Chuguevsky district and will be 4 square kilometers in size.

Last year’s research brought valuable data on carbon reserves in the soils and vegetation of Primorye forests, as well as the influence of climatic factors on their condition. The aim of the Carbon Rhythm Project is to develop a national climate monitoring system that takes into account greenhouse gas emissions and removals. This is important not only for the Far East, but for the whole country, considering the differences in regional ecosystems.

Deputy Director for Scientific Studies of the Federal Science Center Alexander Kuprin noted that the data obtained during the research will help create a complete picture of the state of the climate and its changes. It is planned that the results of the consortium will form the basis for the development of effective measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and combat climate change.

Source: Ferra

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