the Norman it cost between 80 and 90 million dollars, but it only brought in 67, and it was necessary Robert Eggers in the eyes of the producers in a difficult position. The director said he’s rethinking his strategy to get to the production houses, but is essentially proud of his work on The Northman and the fact that the film is getting acclaim in its on-demand version.

These are the director’s words:

I think The Northman found himself making comparisons to expectations of a negative market. I’m a little disappointed that the film made it to VOD after three or four weeks, but again, this is the post-Covid world, isn’t it? But on request it goes very well. When I see people on social media taking pictures of themselves looking at Northman on their laptops, and they’re excited about it, I’m moved. Now I’m trying to rethink my strategies in the sense of what I can suggest to the studios. How do I survive in this environment? Because they may not want me, and I don’t want to make Marvel movies or try to get the rights to make Spawn. I want to do what I do. But everyone is a little nervous right now, and rightly so.

Eggers also intervened in his version of Nosferatu, which he does not yet know whether he will make it, although he still hopes for it.

Source: Lega Nerd

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