Speaking to People, a former director of the Disney stated that after the court ruling in favor of Johnny Depp in the libel lawsuit against Amber Heard, it is almost certain that the House of Mickey Mouse will propose the actor return in the role of Jack Sparrow for a new film. pirates of the caribbean

These are the words of the former executive who remained anonymous:

I am absolutely certain that after the verdict there will be a Pirates of the Caribbean movie starring Johnny as Jack Sparrow. There is a box office potential that is a treasure and deeply part of Disney culture. After Jerry Bruckheimer brought Top Gun: Maverick to success with Tom Cruise, there has been a lot of interest in reviving successful franchises featuring major Hollywood stars.

However, another insider spoke of the fact that while Johnny Depp will likely appear in a sixth film on Pirates of the Caribbean, the real protagonist will be Margot Robbie, who is rumored to be playing Jack Sparrow’s daughter. Also according to this insider, a new Pirates of the Caribbean will not be released until 2025.

Source: Lega Nerd

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