Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom will hit theaters in December and will mark the end of the franchise known as DC Extended Universe. Film starring Jason Momoa This was the last project planned by the company before arriving James Gunn And Peter Safran. Creatives will relaunch DKU eliminating much of the legacy of the last decade while maintaining some ingredients. It’s not confirmed, but there are rumors that Aquaman Momoa might be one of them.

With this doubt comes Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, a direct sequel to the 2018 film. Five years later, the aquatic superhero will release the second part, for which there is already a trailer. Just like he announced Warner Bros., the project will debut its first preview this week. And so it was. This is about advance by almost three minutes which introduces the main plot of the film. A story that will bring back many characters already known to fans.

Four years have passed since the events of the first Aquaman film. The main character radically changed his life as a tramp. He married Mera, had a son with her and, above all, is the king of Atlantis. IN Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, the hero must protect his underwater people from any danger that threatens to destroy them. And it won’t take long to wait, because one of the villains of the original film, Black Manta, wants to start a war. “I will kill Aquaman and destroy everything that is important to him. “I’m going to kill his family and turn his kingdom into ashes,” the character says Yahya Abdul-Mateen II.

To do this, the antagonist managed to get nothing more than Black Trident, a dangerous weapon filled with black magic that could lead to the collapse of the world. If Aquaman wants to stop him before that happens, he’ll have to do it with the help of another old acquaintance. his brother Orme. The villain of the first film lives in exile far from Atlantis. Arthur sets out to find him with the intention of making peace and teaming up with him to put an end to Black Manta’s evil plans.

Will Amber Heard appear in Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom?

Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom

Although the trailer is dominated by action, there is one more detail that did not go unnoticed by the public. Measure, character Amber Heardbarely appears in the entire trailer Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom. The heroine is the wife of the protagonist and the mother of his son, but all the dramatic weight that she had in the first part has disappeared. For months, parts of the fandom boycotted the actress due to her legal battle against Johnny Deppher ex-husband.

This campaign involved firing the performer and eliminating her character (or finding a new actress). In the end, the studio chose neither path, but sharply reduced its presence in the film. The measure only appears in a couple of frames, and everything indicates that hear which he regretted during the tests, his role was greatly reduced Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom. Director James WanHowever, he assured that this was not true, citing the fact that the decision was made a long time ago. “I always explained this to everyone from the very beginning. The first Aquaman film focused on the journey of Arthur and Mera. The second film was always going to be Arthur and Orme, says the director. Anyway, the film will hit theaters on December 22nd.

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