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The Netflix series that has sparked passions since its release in 2013 returns Friday.


British television networks are definitely the best in the world when it comes to re-creation. dramatic and historical series. The list is endless, from Downton Abbey or The Crown to the premiere coming to Netflix this Friday.

we talk about Peaky BlindersThe prestigious and award-winning gangster series that bids farewell to us with. last season.

Thomas Shelby and his family face their fate that could spell the end of the feared Peaky Blinders gang. You can see it here Peaky Blinders season 6 trailerit will also be the last:


Peaky Blinders season 6 trailer

Peaky Blinders It is a BBC historical drama set in the city of Birmingham in the early 20th century. focuses The gangster family led by Thomas Shelby (Cillian Murphy) transforms from a humble scrap dealer into one of the UK’s most dangerous and wanted gangsters.

Based on facts The true story of the Peaky Blinders gangwhich really existed.

The two lead actors of the series, which won the BAFTA for best dramatic drama, Cillian Murphy and Charlie Murphy, also won an IFTA for best actor and best supporting actress.

Peaky Blinders It features an ensemble cast of world-class British actors, from Sam Neill to Anya Taylor-Joy, Adrien Brody and more.

In the sixth and final season, Thomas Shelby is at the bottom of his life. Not only will you have to face your personal and family problems. Your mafia business will be affected by this The outbreak of World War II and the end of the British Empire.

this peak blinds final season It’s already aired on the BBC and is coming to Netflix on Friday, June 10, for the enjoyment of all its international fans. Reviews say it meets the highest expectations. will you miss

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