Robbery Berlin is about to come. Although Money robbery over, Netflix He doesn’t want to release any of his big gooses that lay the golden eggs. Thus, the platform confirmed, on the one hand, the development of a Korean remake of the Spanish series, and on the other, a character-focused spin-off Pedro Alonso. The first of the two projects didn’t work out, but we can’t wait to see what the second one has in store. And it already has a release date.

Berlin This will be a prequel of sorts to the first season. Money robbery which will focus exclusively on the adventures of Andres de Fonollos, better known by his pseudonym from the German capital. The professor’s brother was the one who planned the robbery of the National Coin Factory, thanks to which the legendary Dali masked thieves became known to the world. This time your mission will be different. and Netflix confirmed when it will arrive Berlin to your video streaming service.

The company presented a new teaser for the series. In it, Berlin begins to list the conditions that make the heist so exciting to him. In doing so, you can see some footage of the heist, which will serve as the driving force of the series. The formation of the group with which he will carry out his insidious plan, as well as his whirlwind romances, take up the preview, which details the release date. Berlin will be available on Netflix next December 29th.

The studio has promised that the series will be ready in 2023. But months have passed and although the trailer was released some time ago, the date remains unannounced. Apparently Netflix was in a hurry until the last moment, but will finally release Berlin this year, even with New Year’s bells on the horizon.

What is Berlin?

It’s clear that Berlin revolves around the character who gave it its name. But it turns out that Alex Pina, its creator and also responsible for the parent series, assured that the thief’s mission will be more exciting than ever. The anti-hero decided on this occasion, like a magician, to make a series of jewelry worth 44 million euros disappear. An adventure for which you will need help. For this reason, he forms a team that is brought to life by a luxurious cast.

Featured Actress Michelle Jenner joins the universe Money robbery as Kayla, a great electronics engineer. In its turn, Tristan Ulloa He plays a Berlin-based philanthropist and professor named Damian. Begoña Vargas According to Netflix, she joins the roster as Cameron, “a kamikaze who always lives on the edge.” Julio Pena Fernandez takes on the role of Roy, the protagonist’s loyal squire. AND Joel Sanchez He plays Bruce, the group’s enforcer. But fans of the original series will also be rewarded. Itziar Castro And Najwa Nimri return to their roles as cops Raquel Murillo and Alicia Sierra. A whole festival coming to Netflix soon.

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