Basic The video took an excerpt from Netflix’s book and confirmed it. will start showing advertising in its TV series and films. The measure will be applied gradually in several countries, including Spain and Mexico. from 2024. Those who don’t want to be interrupted will have to pay an additional monthly fee on top of the subscription fee.

Amazon’s new strategy follows in the footsteps of other video streaming services such as Netflix, HBO Max or Disney+. The times of the pandemic, when the number of subscribers was off the charts, are over. Losing subscribers and investing millions in original content is having a negative impact on companies desperately looking for other ways to generate revenue.

Prime Video will show ads on your current plan and will create an additional ad-free membership tier similar to the Disney+ premium plan. According to Amazon, the goal will be to have “significantly fewer” ads than we see on cable TV or other streaming services.

This measure will be applied in the US, Canada, Germany and the UK at the beginning of 2024. Next on the list will be Spain and Mexico.along with Italy, France and Australia. Dates or prices by country have not been determined, although it is known that users in the US will have to pay. Additional $3 per month for ad-free option.

Amazon has confirmed that it will send an email to Prime members a few weeks before the ad appears on Prime Video. The company will offer information and options for switching to the version bonus. The technology company confirmed that membership price will not change in 2024.

Prime Video joins a string of ad-supported plans

Prime Video is the latest to adopt an ad-supported plan, although it doesn’t advertise it as a low-cost alternative (think Netflix). Unlike its competitors, The video service is part of Amazon’s broader offering. including free shipping, promotions, games or access to music streaming.

“One of the Prime benefits we continue to invest heavily in is Prime Video, which has expanded to offer popular movies, great, award-winning original shows and live sports,” Amazon said. “To continue to grow this investment over an extended period of time, starting in early 2024, Prime Video shows and movies will include limited advertising.”

The first evidence that Amazon was planning changes to Prime Video emerged in early June. Wall Street Magazine reported that the technology You want to increase your revenue in one of the fastest growing areas: advertising.. The company adjusted its strategy and decided to focus on more profitable products.

For now It is unknown what advertising will be like on Prime Video.. Amazon has promised fewer quantities than its competitors, although it has not specified the duration or when they will appear in the series or film. Currently, the service inserts advertising materials into its content without fail, although always with a skip button.

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