it’s a comedy one of Hollywood’s favorite genres…and on Disney+. Not only because it is an integral part of its history – it is responsible for several of the cinema mecca’s most famous films – but also because of its flexibility. The mixture of people allows us to analyze human nature from its merits and sublime places. Also, criticize difficult events and even use satire to delve into the darkest parts of our culture.

Of course, this ability to connect with audiences has also made humor a favorite on the small screen. Some of the most famous series and shows of recent decades have used laughter as a central theme. From the classics sitcom to stories with unforgettable characters, full of the most inventive and fun word games. Like cinema, television uses laughter not only as a means of entertainment, but also as a way to reflect on important topics.

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An element that was necessary to make the various catalogs of modern online platforms attractive. Especially Disney+, which compiles itself the studio’s long-standing tradition in the field of comedy and humor-based reasoning. We recommend five TV series that you can watch right now in their catalog and that will make you laugh out loud.

My love

comedy series, Disney+

April (Romina Yan) and Frame (Damian De Santo) have a long history together. These half-brothers, rivals in childhood and strangers in early adulthood, meet again at the worst possible time. Their parents have died, and now they are bound only by ownership of the old family apartment, which they must share until the law decides who owns it. But between renovations, fights and memories, this odd couple will eventually discover that part of their childhood antipathy. It transforms into something similar to love.

This sitcom Argentina has a knack for turning jokes and humorous situations into reflections on romance, time and grief. At the same time, show that even in the worst conditions, the strongest feeling can correct mistakes and console broken hearts. In this case, amidst the screaming, arguing and kissing, it will show that even the most difficult couples can learn to laugh together. The biggest lesson they learn is in each other’s company.

Learning to live

comedy series, Disney+

The show, created by Michael Jacobs and April Kelly, aired on ABC from 1993 to 2000, allowing it to have a wide fan base of all ages. In addition, we demonstrate that even in the most humorous moments, laughter can be a bridge to support a dysfunctional family. Its main message throughout almost a decade of its existence.

History tells about life Corey Matthews (Ben Savage), a high school student at the beginning of the series and later a college student. This allows the script to follow his journey through adolescence and early adulthood. The plot centers on his experiences with his best friend. Sean (Rider Strong) and his girlfriend Topanga (Danielle Fischel), trying to survive a difficult century.

Over the course of seven seasons, the storyline covered a wide range of topics affecting teenagers and young adults. From friendships, love relationships, family issues to personal identity, responsibility and emotional growth. The production effectively combines comedy and drama to show the evolution of the characters. One of the pillars of his popularity.

Dads on request

comedy series, Disney+

The one-season, ten-episode series is an interesting way to understand family relationships, especially during challenging times like these. California (Farah Justiniani), she faces some of the strangest moments of adolescence, including having three parents. Something that the little girl always accepted as part of the strangeness of her life. But when he turns fourteen, the need to meet his biological mother sets him on a journey that will change his worldview.

This path of growth is not only humorous, witty and full of comedic moments. At the same time, it has enough depth to understand what makes us who we are. The search for his story will lead to California look at your own experience from a different interpretation. An inner and outer journey filled with laughter that turns into an exhilarating prospect of growing, maturing and ultimately finding your own path.

Hand to hand

comedy series, Disney+

Originally airing on the Disney Channel from 2000 to 2003, the series captivated viewers not only for its witty writing, but also for its way of delving into family conflicts. In 2020, it appeared on Disney+. become a hit for a whole new generation.

The plot tells the story of the Stevens family, especially the brothers. Louis (Shia LaBeouf) and Ren (Christy Carlson Romano). The first is eccentric and mischievous, and Ren She is an exemplary student with academic ambitions. The discrepancy between them leads to them often being involved in comical situations and conflicts both at school and at home.

In an exaggerated and parodic style, the story deals with common themes of youth life such as friendship, sibling rivalry, and family relationships. This, between the pop culture and film references that made the story successful, and especially, which is a milestone for a comedy that still generates interest today.

Kim is A+

comedy series, Disney+

Kim is A+, a popular girl, funny, smart and full of projects. But at the same time, she is a heroine and a spy who must balance two disparate aspects of her life so as not to spoil the other. The essence of animated comedy is not only entertainment. Moreover, it is a satirical mockery of all the great cinematic heroines with dual identities and lives. Something Kim makes clear at every opportunity.

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While fighting villains and taking on risky missions with the help of her best friend Ron Stoppable, Kim must find time to just be a girl. But who said it could be easy during a mission where world peace is under threat? With its surreal humor and tongue-in-cheek wordplay. The series is one of the favorites of the Disney+ catalogue.

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