Over the past decade, alien ghosts have become a major part of pop culture. Whether it’s publicly stating that this is a real phenomenon, or series like Invasion from AppleTV+which take into account the possibility of a realistic attack. The idea of ​​an alien visit continues to be part of collective paranoia and especially the science fiction genre..

Hence no one will save you directed by Brian Duffield, may seem unoriginal at first glance. But it’s actually a successful experiment in how to use visual cinematic language to tell two premises in one.

The film, which has no dialogue, first shows the isolation in which he lives. Brynn (Kaitlyn Dever). At first, the script, also written by the director, doesn’t give much information about what’s going on with the character. But one thing is clear: in the city where he lives, he is hated. So much so that she lives in seclusion in a house on the outskirts.

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no one will save you

A very successful reimagining of the sci-fi theme of alien invasions. The script, also written by the director, combines an alien attack with a domestic story to create a scenario where none of the main characters need to speak a single sentence. The film uses a simple plot to build a premise that ranges from drama to pure horror. Without a doubt, one of those films that cannot be missed.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

An unexpected plot twist allows you to add naturalness to one of the distinctive elements of the story. The main character never speaks a word, nor, in fact, does any other character. Thus, the study of fear, persecution and attack by alien beings is based on in the director’s skill with the camera and the way he uses the visual aspect of the film.

Resources are limited – special effects in some scenes are questionable –no one will save you It is efficient due to the intelligent use of space. Something that explodes thanks to a photography direction that turns houses and landscapes into hidden and threatening places. Once Brynn discovers that something is going on – and that it’s more serious than just domestic violence – the action focuses on her. But it is so, without creating any female character or trying to make crazy decisions that make sense within the context of the story.

Escape in a mysterious chase

Instead, the director makes everything he does believable. Brynn does. Including running, hiding and fighting with her bare hands against the creatures that had her cornered in the house.. The feature film focuses on turning everyday life into a battlefield. Therefore, his main character defends himself with what he has at hand. The fighting is physical and brutal, so the fact that Brynn succeeds several times, it matches what the premise suggests.

What’s even more interesting is that this time the central alien invasion draws on all the urban legends associated with aliens. From the appearance of the creatures – huge heads, almond-shaped eyes and gray skin – to their unclear intentions. Obviously, this is an attack on the planet that takes most by surprise. But instead of going to big cities or fighting with bullets, fire or any other weapon, Brynn He protects himself instinctively. This gives the film some of its best and most accomplished scenes.

Another point in its favor is that the action never lets up and the plot never stops providing information about Brynn, her neighbors or the tragedy she experienced in the past. That in the midst of a foot flight the process of showing all the ways the alien enemies attack and, ultimately, their horrifying methods of killing.

The plot does not follow simple paths, and in fact, in the second half, the entire burden falls on the confrontation with unpredictable creatures. Brynn He discovers that the invaders have telekinetic powers and that their intention is not only to kill people. It’s also not easy to define. Monsters from another planet, from small ones with anthropomorphic appearance to giant creatures with many legs, accumulate fear in the midst of a long silence. At the same time, about blurry shadows moving from one place to another, or the use of lights to signal their arrival.

Horror and science fiction in a good experiment

no one will save you This is more of a horror film than science fiction. But the director combines both genres until he gets the right feature film that has the ability hide the most important secrets until the last scene.

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More subtle, better structured and with much more attention to detail than other productions with larger budgets, this film is arguably one of the best genre films of the year. Demonstrating that small projects are still the riskiest and in most cases produce the best results of today’s research.

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