The transformation of the IT market, the surplus of laptops, the turnover of local fashion networks grew by 11% and other events on February 13, in the review of RB.RU.

IT market transformation, laptop surplus: the main thing February 13


  • Analysts predicted the transformation of the Russian IT market and the rise of self-employment and self-employment.


  • Finnish company EKE is getting rid of its latest project in Russia: the unfinished St. Gally Park hotel and office complex in central St. Petersburg, writes Kommersant. It is acquired by Eduard Tiktinsky’s RBI group, which can turn the area into an apartment complex.
  • In the warehouses of electronic distributors at the beginning of 2023, more than 1 million laptops were accumulated. Among the brands are the Taiwanese MSI, the American HP, the Chinese Xiaomi and Haier, the Russian F +, Prestigio.
  • FAS was asked to verify ads on Xiaomi smartphone apps. In an unfavorable scenario, Xiaomi will most likely receive a fine. But advertisers who run such false and fraudulent ads could face criminal prosecution, they warned.
  • In January, the turnover of local fashion chains grew by 11% due to a 6% increase in the number of customers in stores, writes Kommersant. This was possible against the background of reduced competition after the withdrawal of some foreign clothing brands from the Russian Federation.


  • Roskomnadzor launched the Oculus automatic search system for prohibited content. By 2025, it will be taught to analyze in more detail the actions of people on the network.


  • Trailer manufacturers are requesting an increase in the subsidy to offset salvage fees, Vedomosti reported. Otherwise, the prices of home equipment can increase by 20-50%.


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