Kamala Khan (Iman Vellani) has two problems. First, she wants more than anything to attend AvengersCon and dress up as Captain Marvel. Another thing is that it probably won’t. Or, at least, if he depends on overprotective parents. In the middle of both things Kamala mrs marvel try to fit into the teenage world, get down on the ground and bring your video channel to perfection. All the while, the world on the other side of the window is still trying to recover from a possible surge.

One of the most amazing things in mrs marvel, the new Disney+ series, is its freshness. Also his ability to delve into a character beyond his usual standards in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Kamala, like her paper version, is a teenager like everyone else.. He has a wild imagination, school problems and, like all boys his age, he has idols. Only they own the superheroes who managed to bring half of the universe back to life. In the world where Kamala lives, the Avengers are celebrities. But more than that, they are symbols of a higher layer of things. Of the possibility of astonishment and astonishment which maintains the fact of power in its purest form.

But Kamala has a favorite. Captain Marvel shines above all others, as the series’ first and extraordinary sequence makes clear. But the character lives in a real world built on the basis of great galactic events and unimaginable tragedies. mrs marvel tells what the world is like after the splash (something he has already done Spider-Man: Homecoming), but also the relevance of the extraordinary. And it is this detail that dazzles, at least in the first two chapters.

mrs marvel

Disney+’s Ms. Marvel is a much-needed breath of fresh air for the superhero genre that the franchise has so badly needed. On this occasion, the studio makes the wise decision to adapt one of its iconic characters and turn him into a world guide to the saga’s interconnected universe. The result is an ingenious, colorful, and well-constructed take on the world, resurrected by the flash, and an origin story that uses its character’s idiosyncrasies as a starting point for something more. The series joins the rest of Marvel’s content on Disney+ with the challenge of maintaining quality and audiences. And it not only does it, but also makes it clear that the Marvel Cinematic Universe is about to be bigger, more sensitive, and more dynamic than ever.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

mrs marvel manages to combine the great events of the big universe with the dreams of a teenager in a full boil of dreams and ideas. He does it with a set of characters and winks that stick together quickly around the Marvel Cinematic World. The franchise’s turn to a character oblivious to great deeds, mysterious events, and momentous situations is surprising.

Kamala Khan is the first Marvel Cinematic Universe character to populate the world and inherit a monumental tragedy. But it also shows the optimism of this reality, steeped in ideas and a brilliant sense of possibility. A sip of hope that Marvel’s fourth phase needed immediately.

Super strength, big imagination and little pains among other things

But Kamala is also a superhero in mrs marvelor it will be soon. In the first chapter of the series, a lot of time is devoted to showing this first step on a bright path of discovery. The character travels from one place to another through all of his spaces and shows that Marvel can dare to take a radical turn in their storytelling. And that includes the dazzling colors, the goofy, clumsy heroine. But the context in one where the social commentary is bold, sophisticated and well built.

Ms. Marvel he takes on a variety of challenges to tell his story. In the tone of a teenage sitcom – reminiscent of Malcolm in the spotlight at some points even lines connecting it to the larger universe. Kamala draws, listens to the Ant-Man podcast, and theorizes that Thor “could be a gamer”. end of the game. But he also does what Marvel needs to do. Talk about how the world lives and prospers, about unusual men and women. Those who do not attend grandiose events, those who live one day. mrs marvel it’s a fundamental reimagining of Marvel as an expression of pop culture, superhero, and marvel.

And this is to the extent that the Marvel series shows new places in reality, rich in details and premises that will certainly be important in the future. He has an optimistic, goofy, unstoppable energy. mrs marvelan absolute miracle that maintains the state of everything miraculous. And inexplicable, no doubt, this new heroine. A girl like everyone else who starts her amazing journey with a family heirloom and almost accidentally achieves her biggest goal.

mrs marvel: a new hero who still wants to dream

Who is Kamala Khan? In a time of new sensibility, a reassessment of youth and the complexities of the world, Kamala is rare. Precisely to the extent that the story of mrs marvel He carefully observes her and gives her space to grow and brighten her eyes on the new. In addition, the series achieves a curious mix of old and new. Posters of Tony Stark and Natasha Romanoff are honored as fallen. And the Captain America notebooks say, “Welcome America.” And everywhere the possibility of heroes is true. The possibility of good is close at hand, and finally there is a healthy optimism that can be assumed through a girl who wants to do good.

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And when it happens in mrs marvelthis is the apotheosis. Kamala, whose mystery will take time to unravel, lends her hand to save her first life.. And so the world of Marvel is changing, it supports, revitalizes, celebrates, fills with colors. There is a new hero worth celebrating. An extraordinary girl who believes that hope is possible. Perhaps what Marvel needed at a strange moment in its ambitious future project.

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