Joaquin Phoenix is going to be a star Napoleonnew epic movie Ridley Scott. The director and performer worked together in one of the most memorable roles Phoenixthat Emperor Commodo’s Gladiator. However, what convinced Scott choose him as Napoleon Bonaparte This was not that collaboration, but a more recent project of the actor.

The director spoke at an event in London organized by deadline. In it, he shared new details about his upcoming film, which will be released at the end of November. That’s why he talked about Phoenix and when she decided to choose him over any other actor. “I was impressed by his huge film joker. I didn’t like how violence was glorified there, but Joaquin It was unusual,” he says. Scott.

“I thought he would be an incredible asset for Napoleonincluding in a commercial sense,” says the veteran director, responsible for such works as Stranger or blade runner. Thanks to his role as the Clown Prince of Crime in COLUMBIA REGION., Phoenix He won the role of the French military leader, beating out another actor. “I only had two actors in mind for this role. I won’t mention the second one,” the director said during the conference.

Near Scott was Keith Rhodes Jamescasting director Napoleon. This explained the great chemistry that arose between Phoenix And Vanessa Kirbywho gives life Josephine de Beauharnais, the wife of the main character. “They have an intimacy that cannot be disguised. Vanessa He has a special quality: he is very smart. Josephine, the character, was a smart and skilled survivor. There were moments in the film where both actors improvised and it was magical. They were incredible together,” he notes.

Why Napoleon

Throughout his career, Scott He has excelled in many different genres and stories. No wonder he is considered one of the best directors of the last four decades. But his choice to make the work as ambitious as Napoleon At 85, he was born out of a personal passion. “I have always liked the French way of life. I have never forgotten the French summer. I loved Paris so much that I have an office there. My first film Duelistsit was about Napoleonalthough he didn’t appear in it,” he mentions, referring to the film he made in 1977.

“There are 400 books on Napoleon, but I’m a child who looks at pictures. When you see paintings by a French artist [Jacques-Louis] David“You learn a history lesson from them,” he muses. Scott. From all this fascination with French culture, the seed of what eventually happened was born. Napoleon. The film is over two and a half hours long and also has a director’s cut over four hours long, but it remains to be seen whether it will see the light of day. The film will hit theaters on November 24 and will be released later. Apple TV+.

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