For Fred Astaire, cinema was pure magic. Moreover, one that could be translated into dances and choreography that mixed together several universal themes. In an interesting interview that the artist gave in 1958, he not only delved into the above. Likewise, he reflected on Hollywood’s legacy of the world’s great shows. Among all his thoughts, one can highlight the musicals that we enjoy today. The actor’s conviction that music and cinema are often the perfect combination for learning all types of stories, no matter how complex.

Perhaps for this reason, musicals have gone through all sorts of ups and downs in the Hollywood industry. From the highlights of the golden age of cinema’s mecca to the less luxurious and more personal version of the 1970s. The truth is that the great stages on which dance and the most beautiful songs coincide define the typical dimension of the especially sensitive. cinematic art. Moreover, one that showcases the countless possibilities that such a diverse and artistic setting can offer.

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To celebrate this idea, we’re leaving you with five musicals you can watch right now on Disney+. From the stage version of the studio’s recent classic to a modern adaptation of the famous film in the hands of a legendary director. This is a selection of the best of the genre in recent years and everything that can be expected from it in the future.

Coco: A Musical Celebration

Coconut (2017) from Pixar is one of the studio’s most beloved films, and also one of the most exciting due to the many themes it explores. From death, loss to questions about what happens after death.

This great tribute to Mexican culture and Latin American culture in general is a journey through customs, traditions and an elegant view of goodness. What ensured the plot was a resounding success, which This eventually spread beyond the big screen.

Coco: A Musical Celebration, puts together a feature-length documentary tribute to the film and all it represents. It features live performances from several anime vocal talents. From Benjamin Bratt, Jaime Camil, Felipe Fernandez del Paso, Alex Gonzalez to Eva Longoria. The production reimagines the film’s best songs while still remembering the most arresting parts of its lyrics. ORA must-see film for fans of the original.


In 1999, director Rob Marshall (from Mermaid), brought to the big screen the famous Broadway musical about a mischievous orphan adopted by a millionaire. The decision initially worried fans of John Huston’s acclaimed 1982 film adaptation. But the director managed to give the story a new setting, in which it became richer in nuance and gave his characters an updated look.

The result is a musical that pays homage to both the theatrical experience and the previous film. With Alicia Morton in the lead role, the story takes on energy, dynamism and a huge amount of personality. And this is also thanks to the unforgettable soundtrack by Charles Strouse.

With 12 Emmy nominations, Annie was a significant success. But until now it has not been available to a wider audience. An opportunity that the Disney+ catalog offers right now.


Disney Plus

During the pandemic, one of the greatest moments in streaming, was the appearance of a film version of the successful Broadway musical in the Disney+ catalog. Under the leadership of Thomas Keil, Featuring the incomparable music of Lin-Manuel Miranda, the story of the life of Alexander Hamilton shines with emotional power.

At the same time, it becomes a magnificent cinematic musical that works independently of its concert version. The result is an interesting combination of stage experience, which the director captures in all its vibrant energy. and everything that cinema can give.

Gradually, Hamilton This shows that beyond the merits of a feature film, it is also an argument of astonishing depth. With its conclusion, in which the score demonstrates all its nuances and strengths, the film made it clear that both in front of an enthusiastic audience and on the small screen, the musical was a success. His greatest contribution to this topic.

Sounds of music

The love story between Maria (a very young Julie Andrews) and Captain von Trapp (Christopher Plummer) has captivated generations since its premiere in 1956. Beyond its cinematic qualities and merits, this adventure, spanning drama, comedy and even a harrowing escape through the Swiss Alps, brings us to tears. And the reason is simple: a wide composition, full of unique chemistry and charm that carries the plot on its shoulders.

But beyond any of these elements, The Rebel Bride is a classic that sums up the best – and in many ways – of the musical genre. From Mary’s innocent and radiant happiness singing with open arms in the evergreen meadow to her declaration of love. This includes the Van Trapps’ musical farewell right under the noses of the Nazis.

This film is as easy to make you laugh as it is to make you cry. And without a doubt, its catchy tunes, parodied a thousand times, even in the ending of Ted Lasso, have already gone down in cinema history. If you’ve never seen them and want to finally enjoy them, now is the time to do so on Disney+.

Love without barriers

And this list would be incomplete without including one of the most interesting works that you can find in the platform’s catalog. Love without barriers, was a success in both theater and cinema. And perhaps because of this, It was this job that Steven Spielberg chose to finally delve into the musical genre.

The tragic romance between two lovers in a timeless New York City pays homage to the original Romeo and Juliet it adapts. But at the same time, the work of Leonard Bernstein became a classic Mecca of cinema. The result is a huge, sensitive and nostalgic film that goes beyond mere homage and reveals his personality.

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And although it went under the radar at the box office, being released during the harsh Christmas season of the pandemic, the film is still worth seeing for all its importance.What can you do now in the Disney+ catalogue.

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