Director David Gordon Green has devoted much of his work over the past decade to reimagining horror franchises, including possession films. What he brought to the big screen: a new trilogy of the classic saga Halloween, starring Jamie Lee Curtis and the apparent end of Michael Myers. Despite criticism, the additions to the original mythology allowed the story to delve deeper into the universe and open up the possibility of a new take on a familiar setting. Besides, of course, allowing the classic last girl Laurie Strode to finally defeat the brutal killer who has haunted her for nearly four decades.

Now it’s the saga’s turn Exorcistwhich returns to the big screen with the promise of paying homage to the fundamental story of horror cinema. With a story that is directly related to the legendary work of William Friedkin.David Gordon Green’s feature film is more than just a sequel. It is also a story that combines both the original plot and his take on the concept of evil. To achieve this, the film talks about the demonic possession that the church will have to fight through faith and its symbols. However, unlike the numerous sequels to the 1973 hit, this time it’s about two girls. At the same time, the presence threatens to demonstrate that evil entities are more than just a sobering fantasy.

Of course, the director’s efforts to modernize the Exorcist franchise come from a long list of films with the same goal. We leave you with five recommendations that allowed us to rethink this idea from a unique point of view, as well as in a completely new dimension. From a story that finally reveals what exactly a possessed person feels, to a real-life case. The selection is a journey through the evolution of one of the most famous themes of horror cinema.

Grace’s Domain

This film, written and directed by Jeff Chan, is different because it shows the point of view of a man suffering from obsession. He achieves this through the resource of the subjective camera and found footage, which gives him a very rare angle from which to tell his story.

The film follows Mercy (Alexia Fast), a college student experiencing a series of disturbing events. And all this after an obvious epileptic seizure. The character begins to exhibit strange changes in behavior that are as violent as they are terrifying. Something that makes you suspect he’s starting to go crazy..

But as the plot develops, it turns out that Grace is under the influence of a demonic entity. In addition, this event has a dark and sinister background related to his past and family. The film uses the camera as a privileged witness to Grace’s intimacy, turning the scenario into a immersive experience. Between religion and the internal conflict of the protagonist. The script examines a paranormal event through the possibility of his character’s madness.

Exorcism at the Vatican

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But the image of demonic possession cannot be separated from its religious roots. Something that this horror film released in 2015 does not forget. Directed by Mark Neveldine, the story tells the story of how… Angela Holmes(Olivia Taylor Dudley), after a car accident, her mental state begins to deteriorate. But what appears to be part of the trauma caused by violent circumstances ends up being something more dangerous and terrifying.R.

What is most unique about this argument is its ability to analyze how demonic possession is understood today in light of Catholic doctrine. At the same time, from a scientific point of view. Moreover, when the matter provokes direct intervention of the Vatican and its methods. Halfway between questions of ritual and dogma, in addition to exploring supernatural events through technology, the film poses a dilemma. What is the difference between insanity and the belief that you are dominated by an invisible entity?

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Despite its weak and predictable third installment, the film is a good example of how exorcism can be interpreted and deepened. beyond the codes of horror cinema.

Dead body

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In 2018, director Diederik Van Rooyen took an unprecedented look at demonic possession: What happens to the body of a person who dies during an exorcism? To answer the question, the plot follows Megan Reed (Shay Mitchell), a night shift worker at the hospital morgue. After receiving the mutilated corpse of a young woman named Hannah Grace.Horrifying events begin to happen.

How Megan is investigating the death Hannah, discovers that a young woman has been the victim of an exorcism gone wrong. This means that his body could have been taken over by an unknown entity. Gradually the supernatural events intensify, so Megan is in a desperate struggle for its own survival.

Despite its interesting premise, the film fails to delve into the most important parts of its story. However, the idea of ​​a dead body still being able to house an unstoppable and evil force is both chilling and effective. One of those movies about different things that is perfect for Halloween.


movies about things

In 2017 the call Valjek Files, which tells the story of a real-life case of exorcism that took place in Madrid, was released on the big screen at Paco Plaza. The result is one of the scariest horror films to come out of Iberian cinema in decades.

The argument centers on Veronica (Sandra Escatsena), an ordinary teenager living with her mother and three younger brothers. After the game Ouija At school, the character begins to be haunted by a series of violent paranormal events. Unlike other similar films, the director prefers to talk about what happened from the point of view of the psychological changes of the victim. Moreover, possession manifests itself as a destructive event that progressively manifests itself as an infection. Which makes it one of the creepiest movie plots made about things in recent years.

Possession of Emily Rose

Being a version of a real event, director Scott Derrickson gives the film a strange sensibility. Especially if the events surrounding Anneliese Michel’s death are told from a respectful and honest point of view. A young German woman died during an exorcism, resulting in her parents and the priest responsible being prosecuted.

Fiction focuses on plot Emily Rose (Jennifer Carpenter), a young college student who begins to experience unexplained physical phenomena. Her condition quickly deteriorates until she becomes incapacitated. So his family, using science, decides to acknowledge his father’s intervention. Richard Moore (Tom Wilkinson). He performs an exorcism during which the young woman dies. This will force the justice system to charge everyone with abusive medical and psychiatric practices.

The film explores both the scientific aspect of Emily being mentally ill and the religious views at the same time. The latter increases the likelihood of demonic possession. In the end, the resolution to the dispute is not agreed upon by either side – not entirely – which gives the film a strange ambiguity about the subject matter. Thanks to its reflections on the nature of evil, this is one of the best works of the genre.

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