Due to a strike of actors and screenwriters – the latter has already ended – the film premiered. Dune: Part 2 This has been postponed until next year. However, if you’re a fan of Frank Herbert’s epic work, you can make the wait more enjoyable with another can’t-miss entry from the franchise. LEGO has announced a set that will please any fan. Dune you want to hold in your hands.

It’s about Royal Ornithopter, the plane that transports the Atreides in the first film. You probably remember this episode because it was the first time Paul Atreides was able to see a huge sandworm on Arrakis. Well, now you can become the owner of this impressive car. Dune Thanks Lego.

“Introducing an epic gift idea that lovers will love Dune: LEGO Icons Dune: Royal Ornithopter Atreides construction set for adults. Gift it to a loved one with a passion for cinema, or enjoy the creation of this meticulously detailed replica of the legendary House Atreides ship.”


The LEGO Royal Atreides Ornithopter is a set consisting of 1369 pieces. Therefore, assembly will not take you much time. When his huge wings are spread, his dimensions are equal to Length 57 cm, width 80 cm, height 23 cm.. Overall, this is a fairly large kit, so you’ll need plenty of room to fit it in flight position.

Fortunately, you don’t have to spread your wings at all. It has a built-in mechanism that keeps them folded back, thus simulating parking, as happened several times in the film. Dune. This is key if you don’t have enough width space.

“This LEGO replica can be displayed in either a flying or landing position. It is a precision model of exceptional quality with folding flapping wings, retractable landing gear and an opening cockpit.”

In addition to the plane, the LEGO set include figures of eight characters from Dune: Paul Atreides, Dame Jessica, Gurney Halleck, Chani, Leto Atreides, Lit Kynes, Duncan Idaho and Baron Harkonnen. Be careful with the latter because he even has a distinctive long tunic.

Now let’s move on to the most important thing – the price. The LEGO Royal Atreides Ornithopter will be available for purchase. 164.99 euros in Spain or 4099 pesos in Mexico. Of course, we’ll have to wait until next year to get our hands on it, as it’s scheduled to launch at February 1, 2024. However, you can now reserve it from the LEGO online store in both Spain and Mexico.

Source: Hiper Textual

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