First episode Ms. Marvel is now available on Disney+ and our first impressions have been very positive. A much more refreshing, teenage take on the Marvel Cinematic Universe will be a prelude to miracles (before Captain Marvel 2). This is the origin story of Kamala Khan (Iman Vellani), a fanatical superhero girl who gains superpowers.

The seventh series of Marvel Studios was created by Bisha K. Ali, who works as a writer with the duo known as Adil and Bilal (gangsta, Bad boys for life, bat girl).

And unlike some recent Marvel series that aired on Disney+, the first episode Ms. Marvel it features a short but important post-credits scene that would be one of Kamala’s first conflicts in the series.

What does the post-credits scene mean in the first episode “Miss. Marvel’

After the end credits of the first episode Ms. Marvelwe can see Agent P. Cleary (played by Aryan Moayed) of the DODC (Department of Damage Control or Department of Damage Control) along with a new character, Sadie Deaver (played by Alicia Reiner), watching videos where you can see Kamala. Khan’s new powers avenger crook. They both agree that it’s important to find her in order to explore the extent of her superpowers.

Agent Cleary before seeing him in Ms. Marvelhe appears in Spiderman: No Way Home when interrogating Peter Parker, MJ, Ned and Aunt May. For most, DODC is a mystery. Very briefly mentioned in Hombre de Hierro (2008) and the series “Agents of SHIELD”, but for the first time we saw them at the beginning Spider-Man: Homecoming restoration of materials about the Chitauri invasion (after the events avengers).

As the name suggests, the goal of DODC is to clean up the mess caused by superheroes and prevent a few others from escalating. They do not appear to be associated with the Sokovia Accords, but serve a similar function.

Thus, we assume that the second episode Ms. Marvel We will see more Agents Cleary and Agent Deaver searching for Kamala Khan and causing new conflicts with her parents who are looking for a peaceful and normal life for her.

Source: Hiper Textual

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