Unlimited from the very beginning I was surprised by his ambitions. As an argument, we will try to talk about the capital feat of the navigator Juan Sebastian Elcano. But also to analyze what drives a person – in time, in culture – to bet on monumental achievements. So the Amazon Prime Video series is more than a historical digression, it’s an analysis of hope. From seeing the impossible as a limit that can be overcome—or must be faced—with all the means at your disposal.

A premise with that kind of philosophy in tow is a slippery slope. It can be overly dramatic, arrogant, or even stupid. Much more when it comes to history first circumnavigation. A historical event of great importance, which is also part of the perception of the sea in history. To Unlimited This is a transit through several premises.


Amazon Prime Video’s Limitless is an elegant, brilliant, and well-constructed historical drama film. But beyond that, it’s also an adventure within an adventure. How do you make a mid-budget show showcase one of man’s great ambitions in all its spectacle? The production achieves this and shows the full power of the dream of traveling the world as a cohesive and dazzling narrative vision. Traveling the world in conditions of astounding complexity has never been more poetic, monumental and connected with the spirit of the time and culture, as in this miniature epic.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

On the one hand, maintaining an acceptable historical realism in installments, despite its average budget. On the other hand, delve into the motives of your characters, all sublimated by legend and idealization. Finally, create a believable version of the event that borders on fantasy. How did a group of medieval navigators manage to overcome all the difficulties of traveling the world when most of it was unknown?

Moreover, how could this group of people follow a charismatic leader on an adventure beyond any maritime ability? Unlimited He picks up the idea of ​​impossibility from his first chapter and moves forward with a conviction of willpower. About a man of that time in search of answers, about a thirst for adventure. But beyond that, the Amazon Prime Video series is also an amazing reenactment of the pursuit of victory. AT Unlimited the question is raised of a challenge brought to an epic scale and told from the monumental by an elegant script.

An iconic name that reached multi-screen thanks to No Limits

Juan Sebastian Elcano (Alvaro Morte) and Fernando de Magallanes (Rodrigo Santoro) receive an impossible commission from the Spanish crown. Travel the world and find out how much wealth they can accumulate. The authorities need incentives, but Europe especially needs an achievement worthy of its place in the world.

The series treats both themes as inevitable currents of the story. He does something else: he links the possibility of a trip not as a senseless eccentricity or an extravagant request. Unlimited The idea arises that the route is necessary to expand the boundaries of the Portuguese crown, but at the same time culture as a concept.

In a well-planned game of ideas, the series is not limited to focusing on the exciting nature of the maritime feat. It is a plan process that overwhelms any other. It eludes simple explanations and becomes monumental. Scenario Unlimited uses the same tone as the great modern epics of space travel. Building a collective dream that goes through all sorts of hardships and heads to new places in what is considered history.

Journey to new worlds

It is this twist—along with the attention to historical detail—that makes the series a valuable account of a momentous event. The Journey of Magellan and Elkan is a stunning glimpse into the future. And in fact, the premise betrays the idea that the “modern” world (unimaginable 700 years ago) depends on the decision of two men. From a leap to an opportunity and to an indefinite time that crosses existential and practical issues with great subtlety. Unlimited knows that it tells a well-known story and with a tragic end. So he decides to bring his most eloquent and deepest part to his characters.

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that’s when Unlimited connects the idea of ​​inner travel with the outer. The connection of the value of a monumental decision – the intersection of a world full of dangers – with a complex state of pure will becomes one. And this communication, well built through a complex script, leads to the middle between powerful storytelling and touching.

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