Netflix continues to push for success in mobile gaming. After being announced a few months ago, the streaming platform continues to add titles. In this case, it’s the turn money robbery. The Spanish invoice series, which has brought so much success to the platform internationally, will also have its version to capture. The game will be available shortly – a specific date has not been confirmed – across the various platforms that Netflix Games has deployed its game to.

For this episode, Netflix Games wanted to focus on the main characters money robbery. Essentially, the game’s premise – rather simple – invites you to put yourself in the shoes of one of the characters that make up a group of thieves. For single player, the suggestion is that you choose characters based on the needs of the heist in question. Her goal: to help the Professor rob a bank safe.

Similar to games that function as online quests, the game paper house It consists of puzzles or mini-games in which you open safes and analyze clues. Likewise, it will be necessary to avoid shooting when a robbery is detected.

Netflix does not provide more details about the La Casa de Papel game. But you must remember that they are all for mobile in a mini-game format, which suggests that the complexity of the content cannot go too far.

It was already known that Netflix was going to monetize its rights to the franchise. money robbery. With the end of the main series somewhat confirmed spin-off continue to create content under the signature of a select group of thieves. There is another line in the game that points to an interesting fact: with the newly minted gaming platform, the name known as money robbery it might be interesting to raise your entertainment section. This is a strategy that repeats itself anyway. Netflix Games started its journey with a famous game: weird things. In particular, with 5 sentences based on the characters of the series:

  • Stranger Things: 1,984;
  • Stranger Things 3: The Game;
  • Shooting hoops;
  • card explosion;
  • swing up.

It now has 22 titles to which a new game will be added in the coming weeks Money robbery.

Available since November 2021, there is little data on the success of Netflix Games. The platform, which was originally only available for Android devices, quickly found its way to iOS. There are no specific data. In fact, to enter the platform, you do not need to register again. However, quite a few voices point to the more than likely failure of the Netflix gaming franchise. Stadia by Google, Luna by Amazon or Facebook They have already unsuccessfully tried to succeed in this segment. Also Disney, with some of the most solid franchises in the world of series and films – much more than money robbery– gave bittersweet results in an attempt to reach the video game segment.

It works with the same user profile password for the streaming channel. Which is positive for the user, but difficult to monetize the service. Not creating a new account makes in-game purchases, or even charging for access to the gaming service, impossible — at least for now. Which wouldn’t grab attention if it wasn’t for the state of Netflix after its latest results. The depletion of new users after years of rule makes life difficult for Netflix with La Casa de Papel in or out of play.

Source: Hiper Textual

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