The bad guys will play the good guys (or something like that) in Marvel Cinematic Universe. There have been rumors for a long time about the possibility of a film being made that adapts the story. Thunderbolts, a group of villains in charge of secret missions. This option takes shape, defining the part of the crew that will be involved in the film.

as far as he could tell term, which specializes in such news, the Thunderbolts project already has a director and screenwriter. They are Jake Schreier D Eric Pearson, respectively. Most of Schreier’s work was in television format, while Pearson came from writing. black Widow and cooperated Thor: Ragnarok.

Aspects such as the plot or a possible release date are not yet clear. In addition to the care and diligence that has been shown since the inception of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, everything about the Thunderbolts movie is still a work in progress.

What are Thunderbolts?

However, there are several characters associated with the production: Baron Zemo (Daniel Brühl), Elena Belova (Florence Pugh), Ghost, Taskmaster, Abomination (Tim Roth), US Agent (Wyatt Russell) and Winter Soldier (Sebastian Stan). General Thaddeus “Thunderbolt” Ross might also join. Last character played William Hurtwho passed away this year.

Drawing a parallel with a local rival, the Thunderbolts could be something like the DC Suicide Squad. They are not a copy, but their origins and approach are similar. It’s about a group of villains tamed or trying to redeem themselves. This group first appeared in Marvel comics in The incredible Hulk No. 449, revised 1997. This edition was created Kurt Busik D Mark Bagley.

In this group, one of the key characters is Baron Zemo, who in some stories led the merging of different villains to form the group. In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, this character first appeared in Captain America: Civil War. He was seen again in this narrative in the series. Falcon and Winter Soldier.

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Several characters that could have been part of the Thunderbolts have been introduced to the Marvel Cinematic Universe as minor characters in films and TV series. So far, there is no more information about him.

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