James Cameron announced that it will return to theaters in 2023 with Abyss (1989). The film is now 34 years old, but the ocean-film phenomenon is more fashionable than ever. Avatar: Water Sense Just a few months ago, it became the third highest-grossing film in cinema history. And much of the blame lies with the innovative images and visual effects of Pandora’s seas. Now he’s returning to the beginnings of his obsession with the seas in a new version of this film, his only major commercial failure to date.

Through X (Twitter), Cameron confirmed the re-release of the film, a project without which his other sea films might not have existed. This isn’t the first time he’s done this, as he released it in 1993 with an alternate edit slightly longer than the original. Now, Abyss It will be released in the highest possible quality, as it will reach theaters in 4K. “I am pleased to announce that the special edition Abysswhich we have remastered in 4K will be released in theaters this December,” he says on his personal profile.

This strategy is especially striking given the film’s technical prowess. Despite the box office failure, Abyss received four nominations for Oscar Awards: Best Photography, Best Art Direction, Best Sound and Best Special Effects. Finally he managed to lift this last figurine. The film went down in history precisely because of its perfection on a visual level. A fascinating sci-fi portrait of the ocean depths. Now the public can rediscover it in higher quality.

“If you haven’t seen this movie before, this is a way to experience it,” the director adds in the video, “and if you have, you can see it the way I intended it.” Except, Cameron promises that this new version Abyss He will come with additional material. “With big surprises that weren’t in the original theatrical release,” he suggests. “I hope you take advantage of this and see Abyssmy first ocean movie, back in theaters,” the post reads.

When will Abyss be re-released?

4K re-release Abyss will be released in theaters on December 6th and can only be seen on this day. However, it is not yet known in which markets this will happen. The film is currently available to watch on the big screen in the United States. But as for other territories, such as Spain or Latin America, distributors have not yet confirmed or denied anything. In any case, there is reason for hope. Name Cameron is synonymous with good reception at the box office, especially after success Titanic or two deliveries Avatar. In fact, the first film of the above-mentioned saga was re-released in 4K last year 2022 and was very well received by the public. Companies may decide to do so based on such experiences.

Abyss tells the story of a scientific expedition given a special mission. The North American Navy asks them to conduct an operation to rescue a nuclear submarine stuck at the bottom of the sea, on the edge of a deep crevice. However, upon arriving there, they gradually discover that what is happening is beyond their own understanding. Human knowledge does not cover what is happening in the deepest depths of our planet.

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