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JetSuit flying suits have reached the army and emergency services (video)


The British company Gravity Industries is developing his JetSuit flight suit, the most advanced on the market. It has already gone through thousands of hours of testing, and we at have detailed its evolution over the years.

jet suit differs from other competitive flight suits in that the engines are not on the back, but in the hands of the pilot. This makes it more manoeuvrable. Literally, you move the thrusters manuallynot by pressing a button.

Thanks to this system, you can achieve impressive speed 135 km/hand allows more precise control. At this link you can see him racing against a rally car.

This is not a prototype. It’s on sale now for a few 400,000 eurosalthough you must complete the course to be able to use it.

It is unlikely that this suit will be allowed to be used for civilian purposes, in public places, so Gravity He focused his attention on two different types of markets: military and emergencies.

This week he posted a new video, which you can see at the beginning of the news, where he shows how flight suit being tested in real training missions six NATO armies and emergency services.

In the military realm, it has been tested in numerous scenarios, both on land and at sea, in which small teams of specialists or elite personnel must move quickly over difficult terrain, in all weather, day and night.

jet suit implements new military and police tacticsas it allows infantry or police to “jump” from the ground to a rooftop in seconds, board ships or trucks on the move, and gain access to areas inaccessible by land.

It seems to be a useful tool for raids, sabotage, ambushes, evacuations, naval boarding, anti-terrorist containment in cities, etc.

FROM medical point of view, as we see in the second part of the video, the flight suit provides quick access in difficult terrain or weather conditions, to provide emergency care in circumstances such as blood loss, shortness of breath and pain relief. This saves valuable evacuation time.

Source: Computer Hoy

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