During the recording of the fifth season Crown Netflix’s Queen Elizabeth II has died. Which made it clear that the final chapters of the production would be much more than a chronicle of events surrounding the British royal family. More precisely, over the past thirty years. They will also serve as a symbolic farewell to the beloved leader, the center of the fiction of the five premieres. In addition, an argument has been completed covering the most controversial details of England’s recent history.

Divided into two parts – one premiering in November and the other in April next year – it narrates events of great interest. From the death of Princess Diana of Wales to the death of the long-lived monarch. The series will not only add dramatic depth to the numerous events that marked the last decades of the 20th century. At the same time, it will show its significance in the future.

We leave you with a review of the main events that are worth remembering from the five previous seasons, ahead of the premiere of the next one. A way to return to the great events that made Crown in one of Netflix’s flagship series. In addition, he is a favorite of a large number of followers on the platform. Its branches have taken them on a valuable journey into the modern transformations of one of Europe’s best-loved royal houses. And, perhaps, several circumstances that led to the most important events of almost fifty years in the world.

Season 1 (1947–1955)

Released on November 4, 2016, it talks about the life Queen Isabel (played by Claire Foy) in her youth. At that time the heir to the throne, Duke of Windsor (Alex Jennings) abdicated the throne for love. Therefore, the event of the marriage of a young member of the royal house became a state matter. The plot tells about her wedding with Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh (Matt Smith) and the stress both were subjected to. Especially how he had to give up his titles before marrying the future queen.

But the chapters also focused on Isabella II’s early tasks at the head of the country’s constitutional authority. This includes a confrontation with Winston Churchill (John Lithgow), the acting Prime Minister, and his subsequent resignation. The event affected the political stability of England. Illness and death are also shown George VI (Jared Harris) an event that complicated the transition of monarchical power in the country.

Finally, the first chapters Crownthey talked about a failed romance between Princess Margaret (Vanessa Kirby) and Peter Townsend (Ben Miles). The latter, the royal equerry, found himself at the center of debates about the succession and moral responsibility of members of the royal family. A devastating event after what happened to the Duke of Windsor.

The scandal spread beyond the walls of Buckingham and became a disgraceful event that called into question the longevity of the crown as an element of power. Amid pressure and loud debate in the House of Lords, Margaret declared that she would not marry Townsend.

Season 2 (1956–1964)

Crown (from left to right) Elizabeth, Prince Philip Queen Elizabeth II officially declares Philip a British prince.

The second part of Netflix production entered the catalog on December 8, 2017. This time, after exploring the family romantic drama of the previous one, the story becomes more political. So the script, again centered on the Queen (Claire Foy), delves into the 1956 Suez Crisis. The military conflict that took place on Egyptian soil involved a complex political and military alliance between England, France and Israel.

This was one of the first opportunities where Isabel had to face the burden of diplomacy and make decisions that had global consequences. Although it was a victory for the alliance over Egypt, it was pressure from the Soviet Union and the United States that forced the withdrawal of troops. Something that the series analyzes from Isabelle’s point of view. In particular, a constant feeling of disappointment, which He awakened among his friends and allies the moral defeat that failure in the Middle East meant.

The other extreme is retirement. Harold Macmillan (Anton Lesser), third prime minister since Elizabeth came to power. Also shown public debate over the Profumo affair and finally the birth of Prince Andrew in 1960 and Prince Edward in 1964.

Season 3 (1964–1977)

The premiere of the third season took place on November 17, 2019, perhaps it is he who divides the series into two completely different perspectives. On the one hand, Claire Foy stops playing the queen. In her place is Olivia Colman, who delves into aspects of the character’s maturation, as well as her further spiritual and moral growth. On the other hand, the tone of the series changes completely. in analyzing all kinds of political debates that shake the monarchy as a symbol.

What happened when he became prime minister? Harold Wilson (Jason Watkins) and the amazing discovery that the advisor Sir Anthony Blunt (Samuel West) was a Soviet spy. In a cultural context, the series was about the collapse of a large coal mine in the Welsh town of Aberfa and the tragedy that followed. And also investing Prince Carlos (Josh O’Connor) in 1969 and its implications for the future.

As if trying to complete the cycle of the first season, it is explored in the tragedy of Princess Margaret. This time the character, played by actress Helena Bonham Carter, goes through a series of painful circumstances. Including a failed romance, a suicide attempt and divorce.

Season 4 (1979–1990)

Crown S4. Pictured: Princess Diana (EMMA CORRIN)

The premiere of the first season, dedicated to modern events that were remembered by most of the viewers of the series, took place on November 15, 2020. Olivia Colman returns to play the Queen, who is currently going through some difficulties in her marriage to Prince Philip (Tobias Menzies). Also on this issue there is a confrontation of wills and points of view with the Prime Minister. Margaret Thatcher (Gillian Anderson). What will be the central structure of the political aspect of the scenario?

But the most striking and, without a doubt, controversial element of the series was the way the series dealt with the romance, marriage and separation between the Princes of Wales. Carlos (Josh O’Connor) and Diana Spencer (Emma Corrin) not only become the main characters of the plot. At the same time, what happened between them shifts the focus to the political and diplomatic affairs of the Crown. Like an allegory of what happened in real life, the plot analyzes the scandals surrounding the newlyweds. From their huge wedding ceremony, their tour of Australia in 1983 and everything that happened the following year, during which the couple traveled to New Zealand. Crown shows Diana’s growing influence, as well as Charles’s discontent and lack of love.

The final episodes of the film deal with the Falklands War as part of the international pressure that shook the Queen’s figure. Likewise, the way Michael Fagan stormed Buckingham Palace (showing a lack of security) and finally, Margaret Thatcher’s resignation from office.

Season 5 (1991–1997)

Call Annus is terrible Isabella II will hit small screens on November 9, 2022. Fifth part Crown, changes the monarch’s translator again. So now award-winning Imelda Staunton will talk about her life in fiction. In this case, the plot is the most violent and is as close as possible to the tabloid headlines. So the argument goes from arrival John Major (Jonny Lee Miller) as Prime Minister until the collapse of his marriage Diana (Elizabeth Debicki) and Carlos (Dominic West). And all this in the midst of the latest scandals between the princes Wales and how their marriage collapsed in the public eye.

The story was considered offensive by the British royal family, who insisted that Netflix clarify that it was fiction. Because of which, starting from this season – the penultimate one –a specific series that is a loose recreation of real historical events.

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