MTS closed an agreement to buy a 67% stake in the Buzzoola group (Buzzoola Internet Technologies LLC and Buzzoola Advertising Technologies LLC), the telecom operator said in a statement. MTS needs the company to speed up the development of its own advertising technologies.

MTS bought control in Buzzoola for the development of advertising technologies

The parties signed binding documents, according to which MTS has the opportunity to purchase the remaining 33% of the capital in 2024. The amount of the transaction is not disclosed.

Buzzoola will operate as an independent company within Stream LLC, a subsidiary of MTS. The operational management of the company will remain in the hands of the current founding and management team.

MTS hopes that the purchase of Buzzoola will allow it to accelerate the development of its own AdTech division and increase its share of the advertising market.

Buzzoola is developing a platform to place native ads on its own network of “the largest sites in Russia and the CIS,” according to its website. According to its own data, coverage exceeds 100 million unique users, in-feed and in-read formats are available to advertisers.


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Source: RB

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