In Port Everglade, Florida’s youngest got super-sized Coras worth mentioning. Its cost is $500 million, but this is not the highest record. The yacht is so large that there was no place for it where the yachts of ordinary rich people moor. Ship looking at oil tankers.

This also applies to the presence of Koru – 137 thousand dollars. This is the big one that makes money in the USA. Environmentalists, in turn, point out that Bezos’ yacht is the largest polluter of the environment. At the same time, according to the technology of this unique ship, it emits 7154 tons of greenhouse gases.

This contrasts with Bezos’s own statements about aid or spending. Without climate change, there is not even 10 million dollars in the world. They are on the planet. Scientists and anthropologists Beatriz Barros and Richard Wilk argue that the mass pollution tabs of the super-yacht Koru are simply outrageous. You can find a lot of material about it in the media, but while some people write and others read, colossal emissions into the atmosphere continue.


Source: Tech Cult

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