Desire: The Power of Desires this is the film with which Disney celebrates its 100th anniversary. A unique event that will culminate in a very special film, which will be released in cinemas on November 24th. The film is a musical comedy, like almost all of the studio’s animated projects, transporting the audience to the magical kingdom of Rosas. This place also used the Iberian Peninsula, especially the south, Andalusia, as inspiration.

There, Magnificent King He rules the island and has an amazing gift. He is able to fulfill any wish that is made for him. Therefore, when citizens turn 18, they reveal their most important wish for the monarch to fulfill it. Every month Magnifico throws a party where one of their wishes comes true. In this magical world Desire: The Power of Desires This is where he lives Ashaa brilliant and idealistic young woman who will one day discover the terrible reality her leader is hiding.

Therefore, he makes such a strong wish that the cosmic force, a small ball of limitless energy called Star. Together they will face Magnificent King to make the entire Kingdom of Rosas truly free. An uphill battle that ultimately protects morality Desire: The Power of Desires. And the iron will of people can serve as the driving force behind the magic of the stars and thus perform miracles.

Songs Desire: The Power of Desires

To songs Desire: The Power of Desires sound as iconic and unforgettable as ever, Disney signed great voices for its cast. On the one hand, there is an Oscar-winning Ariana DeBose In the role Akhsa. And next to her Chris Pine How Magnificent King. This character is the House of Mouse’s return to regular villains. He even has his own song, which we will show you exclusively in this preview:


The character complains bitterly that his subjects do not thank him for all the sacrifices he makes for them. Day after day he tries to make them happy and live in peace, but new complaints and problems always arise, darkening the king’s life. Meanwhile, Asha And Starnext to the goat Valentinothey are hiding in the bedroom Fabulous with some mysterious plan in hand. But the villain is from Desire: The Power of Desires is about to arrive at the scene and discover them.

The film features seven brand new songs written by the award-nominated singer-songwriter. Grammy Julia Michaels and award-winning producer, composer and musician Grammy Benjamin Rice. The filmmakers wanted to find someone who could create a timeless yet modern sound. Therefore, to achieve this goal, they chose the collaboration of both artists.

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