second season Last of us will show an exclusive mission included in the remaster for PS5. Series will take on a scenario that was excluded from the original game and which is offered as part of the bonus content for The Last of Us Part 2 Update. While the series doesn’t have an exact release date, players will be able to get a glimpse of what’s to come in a few weeks.

The information was confirmed by Neil Druckmann himself, co-creator of the game and HBO series. In an interview with Entertainment WeeklyDruckmann revealed that Season 2 will feature a deleted scene from the game and that will return as part of Lost Levels The Last of Us Part 2 Update.

“As a teaser, there is at least one remote level element that is planned [para] series,” said Neil Druckmann. “I say this with the caveat that we haven’t started filming yet and things could change depending on what we think is ultimately best for the show.” Naughty Dog’s manager didn’t provide specific details, so There are three possible scenarios.

According to data published on the PlayStation website, The Last of Us Part 2 Update includes three exclusive levels that were not in the original game. Sewers, Jackson’s Party and the Boar Hunt will appear as part of Lost Levels, an option that will allow you to experience developing versions of these scripts. Naughty Dog will add additional commentary to learn a little more about the creation process.

“Lost Levels” is not only behind the scenes in The Last of Us Part II Update but now they will be part of the series.

Second season Last of us will be inspired by the new PS5 remaster

One of the advantages of the series Last of us Compared to other projects based on video games, Neil Druckmann is directly involved in it. The saga’s co-author is involved in the creative process to ensure that the adaptation is faithful to the source material.

It has long been known that The second season will be based on the events that took place in The Last of Us Part 2. Due to the complexity of the plot, it is possible that HBO will release a third season that will cover individual stories. Craig Mazin, who serves as showrunner alongside Druckmann, said a few months ago that we’ll have a series for a while.

“This will not be one season. There’s more story there, so the show won’t end with a second season unless people watch it and it’s cancelled,” he said in an interview with the publication. deadline. Although the main events will not changeMazin foresaw that there would be surprises. “We have some interesting twists and turns,” he said.

These items refer to content that was removed from the 2020 game and is being returned for The Last of Us Part 2 Update. There’s also the opportunity to draw on other characters’ stories, or allow yourself the creative freedom to change a storyline that doesn’t have a deep impact on the game’s plot, like Bill and Frank’s story in the first season.

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