Eduardo Ladron de Guevaraone of the main creators of the cult Withtell me how it happened, died at the age of 80. The screenwriter, who conceived the legendary series back in 2001 with Miguel Angel Bernardeu And Patrick Buckleydied just a few hours earlier TVE broadcast the final episode of the project. This chapter will close the 23rd season and will be the final outcome of Alcantara’s story.

Reportedly RTVE this is a statement Guevara Thief He died today in Madrid due to ischemia. Born in 1939, during his career he has worked on some of the biggest hits in Spanish television history. The most important thing was Tell me how it happened, where he worked for 17 seasons. In them, he wrote and coordinated the scripts for more than 230 episodes, more than half of the series. A job that makes him one of the key figures in the television industry on a national level.

Eduardo He was one of the most beloved people on the team. Tell mewhich is fundamental to the development of the series and the original format,” he laments. Ganga group, the series’ production company. Besides the Alcantara family, Eduardo Ladron de Guevara He also brought other formats to the screen which were very well received by the public. This is the case with Pharmacy is open, Thieves are coming to the office, Dear Teacher or Manolito Gafotas. His last project was Stories from Alcafranreleased in 2020.

In fact, Guevara Thief He began his career as a journalist in several news agencies and newspapers. Later, he decided to take up writing fiction. In this sector he published a novel Cold champagne and hot revenge, as well as dozens of plays for which he received awards and nominations. But without a doubt his greatest legacy will be Tell me how it happenedwhich he worked on from its inception in 2001 until 2017. He leaves the same day the series ends, November 29, 2023.

Eduardo Ladron de Guevara and Tell me

The famous screenwriter is depicted in episodes Tell me how it happened much of their experience and knowledge came from the last years of Franco’s dictatorship and the early years of democracy. The first chapter, published on September 13, 2001 and written by him, takes place in April 1968, during the victory Massiel V Eurovision. Since then, the series has presented the most important events and developments in Spanish history through the eyes of a middle-class family.

The final episode takes place during the September 11 terrorist attacks, exactly two days before the broadcast of the program. Tell me. Over the years, Eduardo Ladron de Guevara the project has received numerous national and international recognitions. Among them stand out Waves AwardHe National Television Awards and nomination for International Emmy in 2003. A genius who forever inscribed his name in golden letters in the entertainment industry.

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