On January 16 next year, just three years after the girl disappeared Sara Sofia GalvanAt the hearing, the main defendant was his own mother, Calorina Galván Cuesta. forced disappearance.


On May 18, 2021 Prosecutor’s Office He accused Galván and the girl’s stepfather, Nilson Díaz, indicted them months later and has since begun presenting evidence against them before a judge in Bogota, seeking the maximum sentence.

In the middle of an eventful process, due to the invalidity of the cases and the postponement of the trial, the prosecutors of the case, Testimony from forensic experts, police officers, security camera reports, and other witnesses to prove your hypothesis The couple was responsible for the girl’s disappearance, a fact that sparked national condemnation and led to a lengthy search of the area. Tunjuelito River.

Likewise, in the accusation document of the Prosecutor’s Office, which was obtained by this newspaper, it was stated that after the investigation, the following hypothesis was discussed:“The girl died and the lifeless body, after being wrapped in a blue blanket, was placed in a white fiber sack tied with a brown shoelace by Nilson, Carolina’s emotional partner, and placed on the banks of the Tunjuelito river canal.”


In subsequent trial sessions, Galván Cuesta’s defense will present her letters, evidence and witnesses to prove that the woman had nothing to do with her daughter’s disappearance.

It should be noted that the woman’s behavior had been criticized in previous hearings, as the prosecutor in the case was seen in the judicial proceedings videos grimacing, yawning, yawning and playing with her hair as she announced her investigation into the woman’s disappearance. Small. old.


Despite having the support of her family and what she needed, she decided to leave home in October last year. Carolina, described as a young woman who did not know what to do with her life, noticed that her daughter was clearly abandoned, even in the garden where the little girl went.

“Being a mother was hard for her. “I was blaming her for it.” The little girl’s aunt, Xiomara, who has custody of her, told EL TIEMPO.

The pain continues in the child’s family following the news that the results of the investigation were insufficient.

Xiomara Galván shared details about Carolina’s life with this newspaper, pointing out that the young woman faced difficulties from an early age. Although she came to Bogotá in 2018, her interest in education was never fully realized and she became pregnant soon after. without revealing the identity of the father.

The family claims that Carolina Galván’s transformation occurred when she met Nilson Díaz, who was charged along with her by the Prosecutor’s Office with the crime of aggravated enforced disappearance. Sara Sofia’s aunt emphasizes this They are seeking justice and waiting for answers about the girl’s whereabouts.


Nilson Díaz, Galván Cuesta’s former partner and who lived with the woman at the time of the girl’s disappearance, changed his statement.

According to the prosecution, he initially claimed that Sara Sofia was alive, but later recanted and gave the coordinates to search for the minor’s body. Galván Cuesta also changed his version, citing threats from his former partner.


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Source: Exame

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