Amazon Prime Video has a significant presence on SSHP 2023, the largest entertainment exhibition in Latin America. It was known that next year the production company would show previews of its most anticipated productions, and it happened. Among them there are fall out, based on Bethesda’s successful video game franchise. After a long wait it’s finally released first trailer. Be careful because it looks really good.

Aside from the fact that this is yet another video game adaptation with a huge budget, much of the anticipation surrounding fall out were created because Its managers are Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy, creators Westworld. Moreover, they were the ones who sold the project to Amazon Prime Video and Bethesda. Both parties were amazed by the proposal, especially because it represented an original story not told in video games. Of course, a post-apocalyptic world fall out It offers greater storytelling freedom.

A week before, Lisa Joy gave an interview to the magazine Vanity Fair talk about fall out. He revealed a lot of key details that we can expect from the series. For example, they try capture the desolation that exists outside the shelters. The world was completely destroyed after a nuclear war that devastated everything in its path.

But even in the midst of the disaster, the lucky survivors who saved their lives by taking refuge in bunkers are trying to move forward. The problem is that, as we have seen in many other works of fiction, man takes advantage of misfortune to take control. fall out It is not only about fighting external dangers, but also about overcoming obstacles created by man himself.

“The games are about the culture of division, about the haves and the have-nots, which has unfortunately become increasingly acute in this country and around the world over the past few decades.”

Lisa Joy.

Trailer for Spain:

Trailer for Mexico:

Trailer in English:

YouTube video

Despite this atmosphere of tension and constant danger, the series fall out will also take the time to include a fundamental characteristic of a video game: its humor. Even in difficult moments, the characters leave more than one funny or sarcastic comment. Todd Howard, a Bethesda creative who is also involved as a producer, weighed in on the topic:

“We had a lot of conversations about the style of humor, the level of violence, the style of violence. Look, Fallout can be very dramatic, dark and post-apocalyptic, but you need to weave in little winks. I think they’ve integrated this part into the series very well.”

Todd Howard.

He Cast fall out The cast includes Ella Purnell, Walton Goggins, Kyle MacLachlan, Frances Turner, Dave Register, Zach Cherry, Rodrigo Luzzi, Annabelle O’Hagan, Aisha Kendrick and Justin Clark.

fall out will be released April 12, 2024 exclusively on Amazon Prime Video. This is without a doubt one of the most anticipated series of the next year, especially among the huge community of video game fans.

Source: Hiper Textual

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