Before the film’s premiere, there was a lot of suspicion among the public. Wonka. The film was billed as the origin story of the legendary chocolatier they once played first. Gene Wilder and then Johnny Depp. In this case, the responsibility fell on Timothee Chalamet, one of the greatest young stars of recent years. The film was not supposed to be a new adaptation Charlie and the Chocolate Factorybut a prequel that will connect with them.

Wonka investigates the arrival of a young man Willie into the chocolate industry. An ambitious, eccentric and confident young man will try to impress the whole city with his unique chocolates. He doesn’t actually have a cent, but he hopes he can build an entire empire overnight. However, he will soon discover that real life is much crueler and does not correspond to his delusions of grandeur. But the main character does not intend to give up forever.

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Under the direction of Paddington director Paul King, Timothée Chalamet brings to the screen the surprising and entertaining story of Willy Wonka’s beginnings as a chocolatier. Despite the slight slowdown in pacing in the central act and the lack of a hint of dark humor, the film will entertain children and adults alike, making it an ideal film for the whole family to watch at Christmas.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Charisma Timothée Chalamet

The whole premise Wonka He moved along a very thin wire. Once again, Hollywood has chosen the strategy of rehashing old stories instead of finding new ones. Not only that, but Warner Bros. dared to touch on one of the most beloved family fables of all time. There were many reasons that could have led to this being fatal. And a significant part of the public perceived it that way. But, fortunately, the study was able to successfully complete such a complex task.


And much of the blame lies Timothee Chalamet. The actor was known for films such as Dune or Call me by your name. But now he was faced with an even more difficult task. He had to take one of the most iconic characters in film history and make him his own without losing his essence. But this guy, everything he touches turns to gold. Or rather, in chocolate. Your version Willy Wonka It’s great from start to finish.

One scene, one song is enough to understand this. Chalamet He can interpret the pastry chef with great success. He has the physical ability to be outlandish and eat up the screen, making the film his own. But in his eyes there is also that look of illusion and madness that is so characteristic of the character. The translator takes measurements Wonka Excellent at short distances as well as in wide shots. And from there he radiates charisma without stopping. This was a very difficult mission because of everything it symbolizes. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory in pop culture. But the actor received an A+.

Wonka and the power of imagination

Besides the wonderful main character, Wonka He also knew how to convey a simple and effective story on screen. Exactly what was required from the film. We all know how it ends: the main character becomes the best chocolatier in the world and builds his own factory. So the fun was not in surprising, but in getting from point A to point B in an entertaining way. And boy does it do it, does it. The film is pure entertainment, a flow of emotion and laughter within the powerful structure of, as the original film states, a fantasy world.

Wonka finds its essence in a story about perseverance and the strong belief that in order to achieve great goals you need to be true to yourself. Thanks to this approach, it separates itself from previous films and shines with its own light. Of course, there are countless tributes and references throughout the film. Especially in 1971 Mel Stewart. But you don’t have to stand on the shoulders of this giant to stand out and be noticed. Fans of the original will love the nods in the form of songs, phrases and even visual effects. But it’s not about acting out a line for the sake of it, and new viewers will be able to marvel without knowing anything in advance.


Because Wonka First of all, this is a very family film. Director Paul King responsible for two of the most beloved and well-intentioned films of the entire 21st century, paddington And Paddington 2. This warm touch is present in every scene. Wonka. This is not a film that seeks to change your life, but rather to hug you and make you have a good time for two hours. The director creates a colorful and vibrant festival full of magic, an ode to the imagination.

The best example is the entire design of the film. Luckily, King opted for a lot of practical effects and created large, elaborate sets. The city and its buildings exude the smell of a fairy tale from yesteryear. A unique aroma that fills the entire feed with taste and personality. If we add that the action takes place in winter, with snow, cold and thick fur of the characters, This is the perfect movie to watch at Christmas..

This may also be one of the reasons why some viewers feel a bit disappointed. He Willy Wonka from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory He was an irreverent and brilliant guy. But it was also twisted and sinister. To find his worthy heir, he did not hesitate to punish children who turned out to be failures. What if you drown one in a river of chocolate and the other turns blue, another tiny one? Such wildly comic black humor does not exist in Wonka. Yes, there is a double take with candy and police corruption, which is key to making sure adults enjoy it as much as kids. But the tone is much more familiar and kind.


Oompa Loompa doom-pa-dee-doo

If earlier we talked about Chalamet, it would be unfair not to mention his dance partners. Let’s start with the most remarkable, tronciante. Hugh grant. For decades, the ideal guy in romantic comedies, the actor gradually continues his transformation into loud and colorful characters. Passing through the universe Dungeons and Dragonsnow it’s your turn to be none other than Oompa Loompa. Wonka restores orange men with green hair through a translator. It’s true that there are a few scenes that leave you wanting more, but they are all some of the best in the film.

Their new version of the catchy song Oompa Lumpas which is sure to be the soundtrack in many homes days after watching the film. This is partly because the rest of the musical’s themes are more homogeneous and therefore less memorable. They’re all too similar Pure imaginationsong from the 1971 film that Wonka becomes the central anthem of this new film and character.

Outside provideanother luxury high school Olivia Colman like a perverted lady Scrubitt. It’s clear that the Oscar-winning actress had a great time filming. Wonka. How did they do it Joseph Paterson, Matt Lucas And Matthew Bayton How Slugworth, Carrying And Fickelgruberevil chocolatiers who will try with all their might to plunge the main character into the most absolute suffering.

There are other star names in the cast such as Sally Hawkins or Rowan Atkinson. The director again managed to surround himself well. Although with so many characters, the other supporting characters fail to hold as much interest, although they are just as interesting as noodles from Kalagh Lane.

With all these ingredients Wonka The end result is an amazing and delicious chocolate that the whole family can enjoy at Christmas. A very entertaining film full of humor and fantasy, which will delight children and adults. Without clinging too much to its predecessors, it offers a wonderful new interpretation of the famous character, played to perfection by the charismatic Timothée Chalamet. He has everything he needs to succeed at the end of the year.

Wonka opens in theaters December 6th.

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