RB.RU, together with Domiland, produces PropTech Map, an interactive guide for developers and management companies that will help you choose software and implement it effectively. The guide presents 19 of the most prominent developers of the domestic PropTech market with annual revenues of more than 30 million rubles.

RB.RU presents Russian PropTech map for developers and management companies

The size of the global PropTech market reached $30.16 billion in 2022, 20% more than in 2021. Domestic PropTech, despite the conservatism of the Russian real estate market, also shows growth: in the period from 2018 to 2021 multiplied by 1.7 and amounted to 33.8 billion rubles.

However, experts point out that so far digitalization is only within the reach of large developers and their management companies. Thus, Russian housing and communal services organizations, which serve more than 100 million residents in Russia, still operate in the old way; It seems they can only dream of smart building technologies and monetizing residents.

“The main problem for development and management companies that want to digitize processes is the lack of experience that allows them to make the most optimal decision for the business. Often, developers prefer their own mobile app development or, for example, independent integration with 20+ banks for mortgage apps. But in the end they lose tens, and sometimes hundreds of millions of rubles and years of development, to competitors who work with the PropTech industry leaders,” comments Daria Voronova, co-founder of Domiland.

The developers and management companies themselves blame PropTech companies for deceiving them: they promise modern technologies at a competitive price, but in reality their products are not ready for use, the necessary development team is missing, and sometimes startups even They declare bankruptcy, leaving licensees behind without support.

RB.RU, together with Domiland, decided to find out what is happening in the software market for developers and management companies. Domiland is a leader in PropTech, whose products have occupied the top positions in various studies for several consecutive years, and in November 2023, the company’s mobile applications took first place in the ranking of the best mobile applications from large developers and their management. companies according to ProptechMedia Consulting.

We study national services for developers and management companies with a focus on b2b2c, where the end user is a real estate buyer or a home resident, their available features and integrations, and compile key solutions on a map. In total, it included 19 stable-income IT companies with annual revenues of more than 30 million rubles (data provided by the Domiland platform based on the Tinkoff Counterparty Verification service according to the results of 2022).

The PropTech Map maps the customer journey from property selection and purchase to occupancy, and includes features that solve the problems and challenges of home buyers and occupants, as well as the companies that develop them.

The user can switch between developers and see the functionality they implement. Each developer has a description, the number of out-of-the-box features and integration with other systems is noted, and the amount of revenue for 2022. You can also see exactly where the features are available to the user: on the website and/or in the mobile application.

Thus, the map shows that Domiland presents the highest number of functions implemented for the management company in the web and application interfaces: 38 user cases out of 40. It is followed by Dispatcher 24, which implemented 23 functions out of 40. It closes the top three Domopult. The developer “Kvartplata 24” has the least number of functions for residents, which is explained by the company’s focus on products for calculations and accounting of housing and communal services.

Among the smart home solutions on the map are developers Liis and Unicorn, specialized in Smart Building systems. Unicorn’s Ujin product line is ahead of Liis products in terms of number of features and number of integrations. This is also due to the fact that Ujin is integrated with Domiland, Dispatcher 24 and other platforms.

For real estate buyers who prefer to use a smartphone instead of a desktop computer, most of the main user cases for searching and buying real estate are also presented on the Domiland platform: the developer implements them in the form of applications mobile phones under your brand.

The Profitbase digital ecosystem and the idaproject digital agency have the same number of functions for developer websites. Judging by the portfolio, the same big developers prefer idaproject as a website developer and choose Domiland to develop a mobile application.

Among mortgage services, the functions of the most popular among developers SmartDeal, Dvizh and Sdelka.rf, which cover all issues related to integration with major banks, were analyzed. At the same time, Sdelka.rf has a little more declared functions than its colleagues in the niche.

Of all the participants in PropTech Map, the customer journey is fully implemented only on the Domiland platform, which closed 57 out of 59 functions, but this did not allow it to earn more than the rest in 2022; Unicorn demonstrates the highest amount of income for the period.

You can study the map in detail here. All RB.RU maps are available here.


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