It is curious that the film, considered a symbol of Christmas in Hollywood, was not released during the holiday. Actually, Live beautifully!, Frank Capra’s film hit theaters on January 7, 1947. What’s even more disconcerting is that the film was a resounding box office failure, leaving the film industry unsettled. At that time, the tradition of making feature films dedicated to the most beloved dates of the year was an experiment that required huge investments. And this is without a guarantee of victory, which would recoup the money spent. Often December premieres went unnoticed by the public, who were more focused on the dates than the show.. Something that happened to Capra’s work.

However, the film adaptation of the story The Greatest Gift Philip Van Doren Stern’s, published in 1939, surprised critics. Not only did it receive several Oscar nominations, but it was also directly recognized as one of the best feature films of the year. Later, as decades passed, the film, which explored disillusionment, hopelessness, and then love and reconciliation, became a classic. But beyond its undoubted cinematic qualities, it has become a must-watch this season. And also the one that helped start a tradition that continues to this day: watching wonderful, kind, emotional and touching films at Christmas.

We leave you with five that you can watch right now on stream. From an epic battle between the holiday’s most beloved figures to a Viking Santa ready to fight for peace with his bare hands. The selection includes all the best you can enjoy right now, to prepare a great collection that will expand throughout the month.

Kings vs Santa (Prime Video)

This Christmas fantasy by Paco Caballero has everything to touch, entertain and, as if that’s not enough, immerse yourself in the lives of the great date night heroes. All thanks to the unusual premises. Melchor (Carra Elejalde), Gaspar (David Verdaguer) and Balthazar (Mathias Janik) are tired of the departure of the happy Santa Claus (Andrés Almeida).

So they decide to confront him and take their place in history. Moreover, let it be established that among all the characters who inhabit Christmas night, They have more rights than anyone else to be the hosts of the celebration.

But what starts out as bragging and almost humorous warfare soon turns into something more serious. That’s when Krampus awakens from centuries of sleep to ruin Christmas. At the same time, destroy all his enemies and finally conquer the heart of the holiday that he swore to destroy in the distant past.

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The film shows the best moments when a heavenly rivalry turns into an emergency plan to save hope. Moreover, you have to confront an ancient evil that is not going to return to the shadows. As for the ending that will bring tears to your eyes, the message is clear. Miracles are the order of the day on the happiest holiday of the year.

Noel’s Diary (Netflix)

Christmas diary. Justin Hartley as Jake in Noel’s Diary. K. K. Bailey/Netflix © 2022.

Popular book Christmas diary Richard Paul Evans has come to Netflix with an adaptation that combines the best of both worlds. On one hand, it’s a tense romantic comedy, and on the other, it’s a Christmas story that will make you cry. The result is a film that’s perfect for these dates, but one that, rather than just celebrating good intentions, poses important questions. First of all, about love, time, inheritance and the origin of hope.

Jake (Justin Hartley, from This is us) is a writer who has to perform the thankless task of cleaning his childhood home. Something he was trying to avoid after his mother died. But when you finally decide to cheer up, you’ll find that in addition to discovering some secrets of the past, he will also stumble upon the possibility of love.

Of course, all this is in the midst of an idyllic Christmas and a labor-intensive journey towards redemption and self-forgiveness. Yes, as cliché as it may sound, isn’t now the perfect time to enjoy such stories? It’s much better if the film in question has more ambition than the usual happily ever after stories.

Christmas in 8-bit (HBO Max)

Director Michael Dawes decided to reinvent the classic date movie with some nostalgia. The result is a charming film that is also an exploration of the great things you can do for love. A premise that adds interest to the usual Christmas hit script of the time.

Jake (played by Winslow Fegley as a child and Neil Patrick Harris as an adult) knows that the best gift is a games console. As the 1980s pass, the opportunity arises to also try to show love and affection to her distant father. But what starts with finding the best gift for a difficult man… This becomes an opportunity to explore family attachment.

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Among all kinds of references to pop culture and the world gamer, the film finds its best moments when the plot is revealed through laughter. And also, from that thread that parents and children even in the strangest moments. Something the film takes to the next level with its emotional and sweet ending. Not suitable for those who tear easily.

Scrooge: A Christmas Carol (2022)

Dozens of film adaptations are dedicated to the story of Charles Dickens, to which we owe Christmas as we know it today. But few like this one, which leaves aside the sobriety of frozen London with a gothic touch. immerse yourself in a psychedelic fantasy of neon colors and stroboscopic flicker.

Welcome to the Scrooge of the new millennium, with cutting-edge animation and dancing to rap versions of great Christmas songs. As if that weren’t enough, the date’s favorite grump is voiced by Luke Evans, who gives him an enviably sarcastic sense of humor. But the best part is that this argument takes much more into account the central meaning of the now classic story. Christmas is the perfect time to look back and understand life from a kinder perspective.

Stephen Donnelly’s animated film not only achieves this, but also takes this idea to a universal level. What do we lose by turning away from hope? A children’s film won’t provide the answer, but its script – more complex than it seems – does reflect the good. Especially how to celebrate it on your favorite holidays of the year. His greatest strength.

Silent Night (Movistar+)

There is a type of Father Christmas to suit every taste, but few compare to the one played by David Harbor in this film by Tommy Wirkola. With Viking origins, a complicated history of drinking and a crisis of conscience, this Christmas messenger must come face to face with evil. But not only to the mischievous behavior of children, but a group of mercenaries who will try to kill a wealthy family on Christmas Eve.

Halfway between Alone at home (1990), to which he constantly refers, and Crystal Jungle, the plot is crazy and bloody. Between crystal stars that pluck out eyes and children’s traps that can kill, This story is a bittersweet tale worth savoring.

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