The nation’s capital experienced a violent night on July 19. Metropolitan Police capture one assailant and kill another in the Colina Campestre area (north of Bogota); The hitmen killed two strangers at the western exit of Corferias.

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According to the first report received from the authorities to which EL TIEMPO has access, a woman accompanied the foreigners at the exit of the exhibition center. Around 10:30 pm, when two shooters attacked them with a silenced firearm.

And local authorities still He did not decide on the double crime, this newspaper first obtained the identity of the two dead.

One of the dead is a young Portuguese citizen, and the other is Venezuelan, the owner of the fair stand in Agroexpo. Investigators present at the scene said the gunmen used a silencer to give them more time to flee the scene.

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According to the forensic sources who participated in the uprising, the identities of the victims were determined. like Venezuelan Andry David González Hernández; and Portuguese Alexander Morais.

Uniforms from a CAI near Center Nariño arrived at the place waking up under cordon.

Authorities are already recovering video cameras to pinpoint the hitmen’s escape route. Authorities had already denied it was an attempted robbery, and Corferias made an official statement saying it regretted the events that took place outside the fairgrounds.

EL TIEMPO stated that the activities of the agricultural company were investigated and Information on citizens of Portugal and Venezuelan consular authorities.

The key clue is the woman who was with them during the hitman attack, who participated in other acts of violence that have alarmed citizens over the wave of insecurity in the nation’s capital.

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Source: Exame

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