Movie leave the world Netflix has become the source of all sorts of speculations and theories on social platforms. Moreover, its plot hints at much more than it reveals. Which makes its final scenes more than just a mysterious manifestation of human reaction to an overwhelming phenomenon. It is also the center of all sorts of speculation about its meaning – if there is one – or where the plot, full of mysteries, leads.

Sam Esmail’s Leaving the World Behind, based on the novel of the same name by Rumaan Alam, examines the end of times from the perspective of mystery. None of the characters know exactly what is happening, and in fact the plot progresses largely through the efforts put into uncovering the event. This allows the director to imitate the sophisticated and claustrophobic atmosphere of the book. However, towards the end the film becomes even more mysterious. Even though it is shown what happens, the characters’ reactions make the final scenes inexplicable.

Especially when it seems that the tragedy that reveals the event half shown in the film is a combination of several collective fears. From fear of a terrorist attack to a large-scale hack that completely disrupts communications. The film does not contain any urban myths and actually combines them into a nightmarish denouement.

What happens in the film?

In the story, Amanda Sandford (Julia Roberts) rents a house to spend a vacation with her family. This allows her, her husband Clay (Ethan Hawke) and their children to spend time away from New York. But the journey has barely begun when what appears to be a tragedy that cannot be defined immediately occurs.

All communications, including the Internet and television, are ultimately subject to massive cyber attacks. As they try to cope with what is happening at a distance from any location with information, the pressure on the characters increases.. This is due to the arrival of George Scott (Mahershala Ali) and his daughter Ruth (Mikha’la), the owner of the house in which they are staying.

Forced into forced coexistence, families will begin to suspect each other’s intentions. This, while his neighbor Danny (Kevin Bacon) becomes an unscrupulous element that only adds fear and paranoia to the proceedings. Towards the end, it turns out that the city is under fire and that the apocalypse is a communication chaos of gigantic proportions. Moreover, there is an environmental crisis that threatens to escalate into a wave of uncontrollable violence.

Leaving the World Behind: Five Parts to Tell the Story

Sam Esmail divided his script into five parts and presented it in the film, which makes the plot even more confusing. Graduated Part I: The House, Part II: The Curve, Part III: The Noise, Part IV: The Flood and Part V: The End.they organize the plot into segments. But they also allow us to delve deeper into how the writer tries to tell an increasingly complex event.

If the first two fragments are a prologue, then III, IV and V seem to indicate how the collective tragedy that the characters experience develops. Especially when George explains to Clay that everything that happens can follow a plan. This point is reflected in the film’s curious structure.

From the isolation that coincides with the lack of information that the characters experience, to the various events narrated in the plot. Telling the story separately allowed Esmail – or at least that was his main goal – to create the feeling that everything that happens is connected by a thread of events. Only most of what happens is a mystery or subject to interpretation by its main figures.

Strange animal behavior

One of the most baffling aspects of the film is the behavior of the fauna surrounding the house where the Sandfords live. Especially since it gives us a feel for what’s going on in the city – and presumably the rest of the world – This is much more serious and total than an attack on communications.

From flamingos that appear in areas where they do not belong to herds of threatening deer. The film shows that whatever happens, it affects the migration of animals and causes catastrophic damage to the environment. This includes patterns of unusual and, to some extent, aggressive behavior. As in other issues, the plot does not clarify what causes all of the above. but it is clear that this is a major event with biological consequences.

Is Danny part of some kind of conspiracy?

Without any clear explanation, the character played by Kevin Bacon seems to know what’s going on in advance. Same as George. But although the latter claims that he was warned by friends and acquaintances in high circles, Danny explains that in his case it was analyzing the news he had at hand.

By the end, it becomes clear that all the character knows—and his preparation for the big event—is a combination of paranoia and acting at the right moment. In other words, he was never connected to any point in any conspiracy, but rather was one of many that he believed ended up being true. Esmail’s understated mockery of the great catastrophe theorists of the future, beautifully portrayed by Kevin Bacon.

End of pop culture references

In the final scenes, the film makes it clear that the world as the characters know it has collapsed. Not only this, but the danger they face is the disappearance of social and cultural memory. In the last part, all the comments about the media and messages, about what remains, and the memories of destroyed times are combined into something simple. Or, apparently, that’s how it is.

So, Stanford’s daughter, Rosie (Farrah McKenzie) runs to a bunker in a nearby house as a form of escapism. Watch the latest in the series Friends– a generational phenomenon in itself – marks the meaning of complete loss. At the same time, it reflects what the characters have already said about popular culture as a symbol of everything the world could ever become. The above while it is revealed that New York is being bombed.

Episode FriendsThis also gives the title to the last part of the film. This may send a chilling message that the remnants of society are about to perish, but there is still room.for escapism and evasion through the newest – false – ways of life, as it was.

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