On AliExpress, you can find many interesting places that are usually not so easy to find in retail outlets. Gathered together the most curious thingsthat interested us the most in the last 7 days. useful masses.

1. Manual siphon for carbonated drinks


Manual siphon that will help make your own carbonated drinks.

Looks good, volume 1 liter.

Special CO2 cartridges are required for operation. They can be ordered from stores. Suitable Ursson.

▶︎ Price: 2310 RUB 1,825

2. Miniature Sandwich Grill


Grill in miniature, which is used to create hot sandwiches. Any bread can be used the shape is best suited toaster.

Of course, such a thing can be used not only for sandwiches, but also for meat, vegetables and other products.

▶︎ Price: 5 123 RUB 3,176

3. Immersion blender with a complete set of accessories


Good immersion blender with adjustable feedback and mass of nozzleswhich include a set of delivery, a grater and a shredder.

Housing made of matte plastic. There is speed control.

▶︎ Price: 8 990 3 990 rub.

4. Shaker for cocktails and related things


Set for lovers make your own cocktails regardless of their temperature.

In addition to the shaker, the package includes a measuring container, a special spoon and more.

Apparently, the kit is not suitable for professional use, but just right for home use.

▶︎ Price: 1477 RUB 1,034

5. Giant Ice Beverage Mold


Molds for big ice, which great to use in a variety of occasions at will.

There are several shape options that matter in size: 2×2, 2×3, 2×4 and even 2×5.

▶︎ Price: 700 343 rub.

6. Portable forecast for kids and adults


Compact home market with 1080p export and decent brightness. Eat several modifications that matter in terms of characteristics.

The most functional models have built-in Wi-Fi, connection to a discovery server, device screen mirroring, connection of external drives and not only connection of external drives.

▶︎ Price: 7 651 3 443 rub.

7. Ceiling LED starry sky projector


A small forecast of the starry sky and other effects for the bedroom or nursery. Creates a very curious appearance in an adult.

Moreover, you can connect a smartphone to the gadget via Bluetooth and use it as a miniature wireless speaker.

▶︎ Price: 2923 1 520 rub.

8. Electric foot and whole body massager


An electric foot massager that can also be used on other parts of the body.

Massage is carried out using rollersas well as compliance with the compression mechanism.

The massager supports mass intensity adjustment. Due to this, it is great for the forearms and feet.

▶︎ Price: 11 041 5 410 rub.

9. Handheld game console with retro style


A small 8-bit console in the style of Nintendo and in a variety of bright colors to choose from.

Console includes 400 built-in childhood games.

You can buy a version with a shared gamepad that can be used for games for two.

▶︎ Price: 1679 RUB 1,259

10. Foldable ride-on washing machine


A fairly efficient washing machine that fits into a suitcase when folded, so it’s great for a hike.

She not only erases things, but also twists them.

Of course, expecting a professional level cleanup from a public facility is unnecessary. However, in order to clean summer clothes when travelingthe very thing.

▶︎ Price: 4 988 RUB 2,493

11. IP camera for monitoring home and office


Miniature IP camera for home surveillance. She shoots in 1080p Supports night mode and is automatically detected by movement in the viewfinder.

The device has a swivel mechanism. It can be used both for monitoring the house and as a baby monitor.

▶︎ Price: 2066 RUB 1,343

12. Mini thermal sticker printer


With this device, you can print small stickers for spices, stationery records and other household items. It is suitable even for price tags.

A special tape is provided for work, which is also commercially available.

▶︎ Price: 1 553 RUB 1,212

13. Portable wireless karaoke microphone


Compact microphone for karaoke, which can be used alone or paired with another of the same.

It connects to almost any source via Bluetooth and even FM. Moreover, it has a built-in speaker so as not to look for additional sound at all.

▶︎ Price: 6 258 4 944 rub.

14. Popular Xiaomi toothbrush with attachments


Great electric toothbrush creates vibration, improving the quality of cleaningas well as reducing the time spent on this process.

It is not afraid of moisture, excessive battery life and fast charging.

Replacement brush heads can be purchased at local stores, and from sellers of such toothbrushes.

▶︎ Price: 1048 860 rub.

15. Floor fan for home or office


High quality outdoor fan which supports 3 rotation speedsheight and tilt adjustment.

It can automatically rotate to blow the whole room, and also refuse to increase the noise level, so

▶︎ Price: 2250 1 125 rub.

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