In 1941, legendary director John Huston brought the first film to the big screen. don’t go from the history of Hollywood. It’s a journey through New York transformed into a sinister and dangerous setting, starring Humphrey Bogart. Moreover, this is a story about good and evil, immorality and cruelty. All this amidst a complex display of symbols that use cinematic language to tell the story of a complex crime.

The film was a critical and box office success. Moreover, its popularity opened the door to a genre that has become increasingly relevant throughout the history of the seventh art. Arguments that view outlaw violence and the city as a violent environment have become important to understanding cinema. At the same time, analyzing modern evil from a cynical point of view. This gives him a twisted concept of human behavior that has become fundamental to understanding a certain type of cinema.

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We leave you with five films don’t go which you can watch right now on Star+. From a drug dealer seeking redemption to a criminal who discovers his worst enemy is among his trusted men. The collection includes some of the best stories about criminal cruelty and at the same time The way it allows us to gain a deeper understanding of our time and its darkest places.

Last night

Adaptation of Spike Lee’s play 25th hour Directed by David Benioff, it has the same dark and pessimistic tone as the original. Moreover, the director has given her a sense of tragedy that makes her entire story painful despite its disgusting nature. Especially when analyzing the world of crime. New York in its many dimensions and hierarchies is almost elegant.

Brogan (Edward Norton) is a small-time drug dealer who is living his last hours before going to prison. He faces a 7-year prison sentence, which he may not survive and which will turn his life into an endless flight for the worse. So he uses the few hours he has left to analyze the biggest mistakes of his life and what he will leave behind when the bars close. A premise that gives the plot an atmosphere of complete defeat from which the character cannot escape.

However, there is still a mystery to be solved. Brogan He needs to understand how he got to this point and who betrayed him, turning him into cannon fodder for a criminal system that ignores him. In its best moments, the film achieves a detailed account of what lies in the adventures of the worst criminals. As well as his human part, devoured by greed and cruelty.


This film directed by Mikael R. Roskam examines revenge and crime from a small perspective. Its plot, although there is an underlying criminal organization, takes place between two streets in Brooklyn and a bar. Also in the midst of an unusual domestic conflict.

Bob Saginowski (Tom Hardy) owns a small establishment with Marvin Stipler (James Gandolfini). Both deal with financial ups and downs, as well as the takeover of the Chechen mafia. But somehow they managed to find a precarious balance between these things.

That is, until Bob finds an abused puppy and decides to adopt him. A seemingly trivial event that, almost by accident, triggers a series of increasingly strange and dangerous situations. Little by little, Bob and Marvin will understand that the lines of crime are never thin and that, in the end, violence is always the criminal’s response. A unique moral of a slow film that slowly reveals its secrets.

Road to Perdition

Based on the graphic novel of the same name by Max Allan Collins and Richard Pierce Rayner, it is a dark and pessimistic look at evil. And also a thoughtful reflection on crime as an inevitable event in the lives of some men. This allows director Sam Mendes to craft a meticulous epic about the fall from grace of his dark characters.

Michael Sullivan (Tom Hanks) has no choice but to kill as a mercenary for an Irish gang during the height of the Great Depression of the 1930s. His loyalty and coldness earned him trust John Rooney (Paul Newman), who considers him one of his children. But even affection can become a provocation—and ultimately a tragedy—in the criminal world. And that’s exactly what will happen when Connor Rooney (Daniel Craig), John’s son, decides to kill Michael in order to deprive him of a possible heir. He won’t make it in time. However, this will provoke a ruthless revenge that will ultimately devastate the clan to which he belongs.

Flawless visuals and a slow pace that creates a haunting atmosphere make the film a rare gem in Star+’s catalogue. It’s also one of the best reimaginings of the genre. don’t go last decades. Its greatest quality, however, is its transformation of vengeance into a sophisticated meditation on fear and violence. Something Mendes takes to another dimension in the film’s brutal finale.


Ridley Scott is currently at the center of controversy for the film. Napoleon. But already in 2013, his vision of the criminal world through a success story sparked some debate about the glorification of crime.

AdvisorStarring Michael Fassbender (The Killer), the film tells how a successful lawyer discovers that being part of a drug trafficking network is much more profitable. What seems absurd and even tongue-in-cheek, the premise becomes increasingly strange and jarring. Because his decision forces him to explore the worst in himself.

The film, while starting out promising, ends up being a narrative mess littered with violence. However, at the heart of the plot there remains a contradictory vision of crime as a successful goal. What remains the most memorable moment.

Death among the flowers

Ethan and Joel Coen have made a career out of cynically analyzing various forms of crime. But it is perhaps in one of his least known films that his sarcastic vision of the extremes of violence is most evident. Death among the flowers, analyzes loyalty among criminals. In addition, he delves into how real the possibility is that a criminal network can exist on the basis of more or less rudimentary codes of conduct.

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An idea that may seem crazy becomes a journey through violence. It is the only connection survivors have to the brutality of organized crime. With its strange ending, the film showed that brutality and cruelty can also be a way of life. The hard lesson this debate leaves behind.

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