Gary Oldman was able to voice the infamous General Grievous, which was more than an amazing addition to the actor’s long list of roles. The revelation came in an interview Oldman gave while promoting the Apple TV + Slow Horses series. The Oscar winner commented on the Happy Sad Confused podcast that he had received a tempting offer to voice a curious Star Wars villain. In addition, to give the character “its own personality”.

This is amazing news that opens up a new dimension for the leader of the droid army in Star Wars. Episode III – Revenge of the Sith. The possibility that Gary Oldman could cast his vote for a violent villain changes his interest somewhat. Especially since the actor is known for creating roles of considerable depth, even on extreme or unexpected occasions.

His participation in Fifth Element Luc Besson. The villain Jean-Baptiste Emanuel Zorg became a curious plot, dressed in Jean-Paul Gaultier and a violent character. Same as Oldman’s Sirius Black Harry Potter and his share of vocal talent as the villainous Lord Shen in Kung Fu Panda 2. So Oldman’s ability to portray a villain would certainly be an element of the Star Wars take on the character.

A series of unfortunate events for Oldman

According to the podcast, Gary Oldman was ultimately unable to play the role due to problems with unions in Australia. According to him, in production it was required to have a minimum of personnel from the country, due to which its inclusion caused problems. However, it looks like the actor had the opportunity to do some voice auditions before leaving the project. Something that is also confirmed in interviews.

As if that wasn’t enough, Gary Oldman also commented that he had a meeting with George Lucas. “Yes, it was fantastic,” he said, adding that he was surprised “how open he is to new ideas.” As for the interest in how much he recorded as test material for Grievous, the translator emphasized that “enough”. He notes later in an interview that there were about six or seven tracks that included famous dialogue and a few full scenes.

But while fans are surprised by this new information, it may be disappointing that the actor has refuted long-standing rumors. Or at least the one who insisted that he participate in Star Wars: The Force Awakens. The actor indicated that he never received “a script or even an invitation” to appear in the film.

Finally a bit of a disappointment.

Since Gary Oldman did not play Grievous, the character’s voice was performed by Matthew Wood, the series’ sound engineer. A decision that allowed the character’s voice to become a high-class technical experiment.

specially for add all sorts of effects and digital additions to the perception of how an almost entirely mechanical character can vocalize. A significant technical achievement that became more apparent when the idea of ​​a villain was ambiguous and inexplicable.

Wood also voiced a character in the animated series. Star Wars: The Clone Wars. This time synths and dots of metallic tones and chords have been added to the voice. Of considerable interest is the perception of the biological nature of the character, preserved in the anime.

Source: Hiper Textual

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