The pillow imitates a real hand massage, which tones, relaxes and relieves muscle tension.

The device can be used on any part of the body and not only at home, but also in the car.

In general, the thing is very interesting. We recommend you pay attention.

▶︎ Buy: 2 930 RUB 2,230


For the outer coverings of the pillows, the remaining EVA material is used, which is resistant to damage, easy to clean, and quite pleasant to look at.

Inside there are 8 massage heads of different sizes that imitate solar hands – 4 on each side. They can be rotated clockwise or counterclockwise to adjust the height.

With the help of such a massager, you can reduce physical fatigue and relieve muscle tension, which is especially useful after a busy day at work, as well as intense workouts.

In addition, the pillow helps relieve muscle stiffness, improve blood circulation, strengthen the immune system, and also remove toxins.

The device receives energy from external power sources. At home or in the office, it can be connected to a regular electrical outlet. A car adapter is also included in the package.

In addition, the pillow is equipped with an electric heater, which is used to stimulate blood circulation and massage therapy. This is good for the lower back if it bothers you.

The device is very useful. Plus, for the price offered, it has too many advantages to just pass by.

▶︎ Buy: 2 930 RUB 2,230

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