Netflix will no longer produce interactive series How Black Mirror: Bandersnatch. The video streaming giant has confirmed that it will no longer experiment with this type of content because Technology did not allow them to innovate beyond what was produced in 2018.. The company will use learning in its new approach to gaming.

According to Mike Verdu, director of games at Netflix, such interactive programs are a thing of the past for the company. The manager confirmed in an interview that They don’t work on that kind of experience. Despite the excitement caused by the premiere Bandersnatchthe possibilities offered by this concept could not be exploited further.

“The technology was very limited and there was a limit to what we could do in this area, but we learned a lot from it,” Verdú said. “With these interactive, narrative games, you’ll see learning come to life. You’ll start to feel more and more like you’re actually playing a program,” the manager said, repeating mobile games based on some of his series.

Netflix’s current VP of Game Development noted that the iOS and Android adaptations Playing with fire or Love is blind They are a continuation of these programs. RCurrent projects are a spiritual successor to what was undertaken with Bandersnatcha narrative experience based on player choice.

Although the concept choose your adventure not new, younger generations learned about it from this chapter Black mirror. Charlie Brooker and the production team amassed over five hours of footage to give the viewer choice. The idea of ​​being responsible for the future of history was something new to those who did not grow up in the 1980s.

Netflix will continue to bet on video games

Netflix Games

Although Bandersnatch and interactive series are no longer part of Netflix’s plans, the company remains focused on making its place in the video game industry. The giant bought the studio Night School, creators of the multi-award-winning OXENFREEat the end of 2021. A few months later, Boss Fight Entertainment and Next Games joined the list. first party and the company closed out 2022 by announcing the creation of its first studio.

Netflix’s strategy appears to be an exercise in trial and error on all available fronts. The company started with Bandersnatch as an experiment to then focus on mobile phones. This was followed by the signing of Joseph Staten, a veteran Halo And Fatewho will be responsible for the company’s first AAA game.

In addition to this, the technology company has also entered into agreements with companies to offer its games for free to subscribers. The last case is the updated trilogy Grand Theft Autowhich can be downloaded for free from the Netflix app.

Netflix is ​​also considering including ads or microtransactions in its mobile games to boost revenue.

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